Sunday 17 February 2013

Zombified - Carnage Slaughter & Death (Album Review)


Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 16/11/2012
Label : Cyclone Empire

Carnage Slaughter & Death, Tracklisting
  1. Carnage Slaughter and Death    
  2. Pull the Trigger
  3. Withering Souls
  4. Suffering Ascends
  5. Endless Days of Wrath
  6. Clenched Fist Vengeance
  7. Reborn in Sin
  8. Corrosive Spiral
  9. The Flesh of the Living
  10. The Last Stand
  11. Slayer Fashion
  12. Reign of Terror


Zombified started as a two man project of P.Myrén and P.Fransson in winter 2006. After some beers and a three song demo they decided to record a full album.

They got in contact with the session members "Von Pest" and M.Askinen and with them they gave birth to the first album ’Zombified Slaughtermachine’.  After the release, M.Fiebig and R.Karlsson joined the band on drums and vocals and ZOMBIFIED didn´t waste any time and created a new album called "Carnage Slaughter And Death”. 

After the recording M.Fiebig decided to leave the band and a new drummer was found in J.Johansson.  Now they got signed to German label Cyclone Empire and although the second album ‘Carnage Slaughter And Death’ isn´t released yet, the boys have already started writing new songs for the next album.

Patrik Myrén – Guitar
Pär Fransson – Guitar
Roberth Karlsson – Vocals and Bass
Jacob Johansson – Drums


Zombified are a Death Metal Band from Sweden (not to be confused with the Death metal band called Zombified from Belfast in Ireland).  Hailing from Sweden, Zombified are described as trying to combine Death metal or d beat / Crust punk on their current release "Carnage Slaughter and Death”.
The most prominent of the two is Death Metal for sure but there are undertones of a more crusty sound, with D beat riffs rearing there ugly head throughout the album. The albums opener and title track "Carnage Slaughter and Death” begins with a fierce sounding riff underpinned by savage blast beats, it then leads us into a great D Beat section followed by some old school Death Metal brutality!
Second track “Pull the Trigger “pretty much follows on with this formula and gives us a great D Beat Death metal hybrid.  Stand out track for me is "The Flesh Of The Living " which opens up with a sound not dissimilar to fellow countrymen WolfPack , one of those great simple but rocking Motorhead D Beat type riffs .
The Zombified sound is also full of grinding with the drummer blasting his way through tracks like “Suffering Ascends" with ease, this track ends with one of the albums slower moments, double bass drums and a creepy Sample about war! Comparisons with Swedish Death Metal Legends Grave are pretty spot on but I reckon fans of The Rotted (formerly Gorerotted) will enjoy this album a lot. The d beat Death metal tag doesn’t quite suit Zombified as much as their British counterparts but it’s not too far off the mark.
Carnage Slaughter and Death is the bands second release after "Zombified Slaughtermachine" and pretty much follows a tried and tested path. That said it’s a great sounding record with enough great songs and some great playing and a sterling production to appeal to fans of Old school Death Metal with a hint of crust thrown in for good measure.
Words : Niall Gregory

Thanks to Cyclone Empire for the hook up. Check the links for more info on the band. Record is available to buy via this store or at all good stockists.