Wednesday 27 February 2013

SLUDGELORD - Paralysis Vol #1

Paralysis Vol #1 cover art

Right People. Here it is our free download. Our Gift to you. The best bands we have featured on the blog over the last twelve months or so.

This mother-fucker is HUGE. 50 separate tracks from 50 amazing bands everyone fucking loves at the blog.

So headover to BandCamp and download this bitch now. It's free. Plus it features the best bands and artists across the globe.

You want Stoner, Sludge, Stoner, Doom, Post-Metal and every other type of music we feature here. Then get downloading now.

It's free on BandCamp at the moment - so please download now. You know what BandCamp is like. - So share, download, post - Spread the mother-fucking word.

SLUDGELORD - PARALYSIS VOL #1 - is finally here...

Enjoy. If BandCamp Free Downloads run out and is defaulting to a charge of £7 you can download from DropBox here....

This is the 2nd Sludgelord compilation. It features 50 tracks of the finest filth from around the globe brought together as one free download. Exclusively for the readers of The Sludgelord, please Download it, share it, promote it. Enjoy! Worship the Riff!

released 27 February 2013 

Artwork by : Judd Madden visit

Special thanks to JM for the amazing artwork, the bands and labels for allowing The Sludgelord to share their music. Also, special thanks to Steve, our amazing writers (you know who you are) and anybody else who has contributed to this awesome adventure. Finally thanks to you guys,the readers of The Sludgelord. We are nothing without you Horns up. \m/