Friday 1 March 2013

GODSIZED - Trillians - Feb 28th 2013 - Gig Review

Godsized is a Groove Metal/Southern Rock/Hard Rock Band from South London, UK.

The members are:

Glen Korner- Vocals & Guitars
Neil Fish - Guitars
Gavin Kerrigan - Bass
Dan Kavanagh - Drums

Now we don't feature many gig reviews on the blog. The last one I did was in 2011 for my good friends - Sorry For Nothing. Well 2 years later I am doing my 2nd live gig review. And what a gig it fucking was.

Godsized are a band who have quite the reputation in the UK Hard Rock Scene. They have released a couple of acclaimed EP's which both show you the power and ferocity of this great band. They were personally invited by Zakk Wylde to support Black Label Society in 2011.

I almost didn't make this gig due to a family emergency but made it with seconds to spare to see the band perform in one of my local drinking holes in Newcastle - Trillians Rock Bar. And the place was quite busy to see Godsized play a brilliant 60 minute plus set.

The set list was full of old and new tracks from their great arsenal of tracks. The audience were treated to old Godsized classics as Fight & Survive, The Last Goodbye and Phoney Tough which went down a storm with the audience including myself and my brother who was rocking the fuck out of Trillians. 

Godsized managed to include some excellent new tracks from their outstanding debut album - Time - which I will be reviewing very soon. Tracks such as Heavy Load and No Reprieve prove this band are one of the best and formidable live acts I have seen in the UK.

The band were fucking awesome on stage. Each member having a commanding presence from the very first moment until the final seconds. Vocalist Glen knows how to grab your attention by the scruff of your neck. He was in top form from the start. His grizzled vocals added a Southern Metal/NOLA vibe to match the sublime Groove/Hard Rock riffs on show.

All of the band members were on fine form. Godsized are a band who want to entertain and rock the fuck out. And they succeeded on both counts judging by the audiences reception they give the band after each song. The cheers got louder and louder every minute the band played on. They deserved every clap and cheer from the audience in attendance as we were seeing something special.

If you ever want to feel the passion of legendary bands such as Pantera, Down, Crowbar and Black Label Society well Godsized are that band. They share many things with those legendary bands but do it in their own unique and superb hard-rocking style.

This gig had it all - Riffs, Great Atmosphere, Great  Crowd and a brilliant performance by one of fave upcoming UK Hard Rock Bands. On this performance alone bigger and better things await Godsized. These guys will be playing to bigger crowds and venues in the months to come.

Fucking Awesome. Or as my bro said last night -"Wow. These guys fucking killed it big time. Amazing Performance". And I agree with him!!!!

Catch them while you can as Godsized are on the road to greatness....

Check Godsized from the links below:


You can download the excellent new track "Heavy Load" off their excellent new album - TIME - here.