Thursday 7 March 2013

20 Questions w/ Primitive Man

Primtive Man

'My pick of the bunch here is 'Astral Sleep'. Speaker-destroying chugging that could induce psychosis, is lent even more weight by rock solid percussion. Like all their instruments are made out of granite.' Words by : Matt Fitton

This is what The Sludgelord had to say about Primitive Man's frankly monstrous debut record, Scorn on Throatruiner/Modrgrimm records. Primitive Man have produced a record which is likely to be sitting at the top of many year end lists of 2013.  Frankly they have raised the stakes in terms of heaviosity and set a new benchmark, which leaves their peers in their wake. 

Such is the bleakness and punishing bile they spew from the speakers, we recently chose their track Scorn, to open up our recent compilation, The Sludgelord presents... Paralysis Vol #1.  884 plays and counting, has led us to this. 

What could be more badass than that?  Well it gives me great pleasure to bring to your attention, a recent interview I did with the band.  So please do not have nightmares, sit back and plug into Primitive Man.   

Hey Guys, How are you?  I appreciate you taking the time to talk to talk to us, here at the Sludgelord.   
Anytime!  Thank you!
Q) How are things in the Primitive man camp? What are your immediate plans with potentially a full year of band promotion ahead of you?
Well, we are currently planning a 6 week full U.S. tour.  We are also trying to make it over to Europe either at the tail end of 2013.  We will be doing some small regional tours as well here and there.  We have also been writing material for a few splits, comps, and things of that nature.

So, Wow!  Scorn!  It is has now been released and being talked about  a lot in the underground scene.   What can I say, other than it is equal parts stunning as it terrifying.  Stuff that nightmares are made of haha.  

Q) First of all, congratulations on such an amazing debut.   Can you tell us about the record and the process of putting it together?

Thank you!  Well, Ethan had a few song ideas lying around that were too slow for CTTTOAFF and Death of Self.  So he kind of shelved them.  Then the drummer from CTTTOAFF had to leave town for work for about 6 months and Death of Self broke up after tour.  During that time we formed Primitive Man.  We wrote a few songs together on top of those old ideas and "Scorn" was born. 

Q). I am familiar with CTTTOAFF, which Ethan also fronts, but could you tell us a little about the history of the band,  some of the bands you've played with? When PM first formed? Current band members?

Jon from Reproacher fills the bass duties, Spy plays the drums and has played in a few local bands around denver.  He and Ethan have been friends for about 10 years and have played in and out of other bands together. Primitive Man started in about February of 2012 with Jon, Ethan, and a different drummer named Bennett that plays the drums on "Scorn." 

Q).  Which band or artist turned you guys onto music and specifically introduced you to Heavy Metal and wanting to form a band?

The list is too enormous between the three of us to even begin listing.

Q) What was your motivation to start the Primitive Man?   Did you all know each other before you formed  the band?  
Yes.  Reproacher and CTTTOAFF did a tour together in 2011 and Jon and Ethan met officially at that time.  Spy an Jon met through Primitive Man. 

Q) Since your inception, was your plan always to write something slower, if I can say it, more in the style of doom? 

Most definitely.  We wanted to create something slow, bleak, emotional and atmospheric.

Q) In your experience of being in bands, how easy/difficult was it for your band to get coverage, gigs or label attention?

The harder you work and the bigger risks you take the more chances you have for success in getting all of those things. 

Q) If you could give advice to bands coming through on the scene,  what do you think is the most important thing for a new metal band to do in order to promote themselves?

Go to shows and flier.  Meet like minded individuals.  Become their friends. 

Q) What are some of the difficulties/frustrations of being in a band because there are many other commitments such as family, work etc, that perhaps restrict the amount of time you can dedicate to the band?

I think the biggest object is money.  There isn't much money to be made in extreme music.  There is no retirement fund for grind core musicians.  And I am of the opinion that your loved ones should support your passion for music.  So that shouldn't even be an issue.   

Q )Your record has been described as An earth-shattering, bleak wall of crushing dissonance and pure sonic heaviness.  Don’t think about this too much, but  If someone was unfamiliar with your band, what words immediately spring to mind when you think about your sound? 

Bleak & Trill.  (R.I.P. Pimp C)

Q)  Tell us some of your influences/heroes both musically and artistically, both metal and non-metal? 

Lean, Green, Ohms and Watts.

Q)  It might sound like a stupid question but, how important is the band’s chemistry when writing and performing?

It is VERY important.  It's a lot like fucking.  You have to be able to vibe off of one another.  Otherwise you're rhythm and your creativity is going to be way off.  And that's never good when you're fucking.

Q) I made reference to this point earlier, but did you have an agenda when you began writing the new record?

Just to be slow, heavy and bleak. 

Q) What were your aims for Scorn and how do you feel about the record now that it has been unleashed on the unsuspecting public?  Is there a particular theme running through the record?

We are very pleased with how it came out.  Dave Otero is an amazing engineer and we are proud that he was able to help us make our vision a reality.  The theme of the record is Disillusion & revenge

Q) After a relatively short period of time, Scorn got picked up for an amazing vinyl release through amazing labels such as Throatruiner/Mordgrimm.  How did that come about?

Ethan had worked with Throatruiner before on the CTTTOAFF/NESSERIA split.  It was a good experience so we approached them with putting out the record.  Around the same time, Mordgrimm approached us and after some talking, both labels decided to co release it. 

Q) Your artwork for Scorn is equally as provocative as your music and reminds me a little of the Poison Idea record, Feel The Darkness.  Where did the inspiration for the artwork originate?  Is it an original piece designed for the record? 

Ethan created the artwork based around the lyrical themes of the record.  I can see the comparison to feel the darkness.  I always though the face on that record looked like Tiny Tim. 

Q) I’m assuming all musician like to talk about the gear they use, so with that in mind what do you use in terms of guitars, amps and why? Also what tuning do you use?

Ethan uses Mammoth guitar cabs exclusively and a Mesa Dual Rectifier roadster.  Jon plays through an ampeg SVT tube head and an ampeg 8X10.  And spy plays on a mismatched kit with all different types of cymbals.  HA!

Q) You’ve only been around for a relatively short time, how pleasing it to hear comments like ‘Scorn will instill feelings of dread and fear in you and you will love every freaking minute of it. (Source  HYPERLINK "" How do you feel your band has generally been received?

Actually, we are very thankful for the response we have received so far about our record.  We cannot thank everyone enough. 

Q) For a band such as yourselves or anyone for that matter trying to get coverage or exposure, how valuable are blogs such as the Sludgelord?  Does this type of media coverage translate to people buying merch, downloading music etc, coming to shows?

We are always thankful for any sort of press/exposure.  If someone is interested in sharing information about our music with others on their blog then we always appreciate it. 

Q) Quick fire question, what’s your preference?  Cassette, CD, Digital Download or Vinyl? And why?

Vinyl + digital download.  Because I enjoy the experience of buying a record, checking out the packaging and being involved with the whole process.  I like digital downloads because then I can listen to this stuff out in the world. 

Q) Reviewing records within any sub genres of metal such as
sludge/doom/stoner etc, you often listen to a lot of stuff which is quite similar. What sets you apart from your peers and what are your thoughts about being part of any scene?

I don't think I can answer that question without sounding like an ass hole.  As far as being a part of a scene goes, I like making friends with bands and playing with good bands… but there is a downside to anything and I think if you let yourself get mixed up in politics it can become a negative experience. 

Q) Do you have any interesting stories from your tours, favourite places you’ve toured and bands you’ve toured with or bands you’d like to share the stage with?
We want to be there when there is a Khanate or a Morgion reunion.  And one time in Las Vegas I had a woman spray me in the face with her breast milk while we were inside of an elevator.  It was a whole new low.

Q). In terms of the band, what are your plans for the rest of the year? 

Writing for splits, touring, and writing for another full length record.

Q) Thanks for answering my questions, but one final question, you got anything you like to say to your fans?

Tell your friends!

Well I think this band's debut is up there with some of the best I have heard, so thanks to those dudes for taking the time to talk to us.  Bad ass!  If you haven't checked out Matt's killer review, you can read it in full here.  Also visit our bandcamp page to hear 'Scorn' on our Paralysis Vol. #1 compilation and download 51 awesome tunes for free.  Check out the psychosis inducing video for 'Rags' below and buy their merch and visit their pages for more info on the band.  Thanks to you guys for reading!  Stay Heavy!