Tuesday 12 March 2013

Inter Arma - Sky Burial - Album Review

Sky Burial cover art

Inter Arma are an Progressive Metal/Black-Metal/Sludge Metal Band from USA

The members are

T.J. Childers - Drums
Steven Russell - Guitars
Trey Dalton - Guitars
Mike Paparo - Vocals
Joe Kerkes - Bass

Inter Arma are a band who I have been following for a while ever since their superb debut album – Sundown – in 2010. This band proved they know how to play a mean heavy and brutal riff to set them apart from their peers.

Well after their excellent 2012 EP – Destroyer – Inter Arma are back with a vengeance with their most defining work to date – Sky Burial – is a 69 minute opus that is a true force of nature. Inter Arma have produced one of the defining records of 2013. Sky Burial feels like a tornado waiting to destroy everything in its wake.

Pummelling riffs will tear your soul apart. The sheer brutality of the album is astonishing. Inter Arma have created a harsh atmosphere where all the musical elements combine to put the listener through a rollercoaster of emotions that they will not easily forget.

Sky Burial feels like a survival course within the deadliest and harshest terrains known to man. Inter Arma will put your body through a devastating experience that will make it truly feel like Hell on Earth. This 10-minute plus track is only the start of what is to come. Heavy pounding riffs of Black Metal, Groove Metal and Sludge Metal combine to portray an apocalyptic nightmarish vision come to life. Pounding vocals will strip away any essence of human soul you have left. This is extreme music to put you through every emotion possible especially on the first epic 10-minute plus track – The Survival Fires.

This track will show you what is possible in the realm of heavy and extreme music. Inter Arma will offer the listener a few moments of rest before continuing with the dark and desperate journey that lies head. 2nd track – The Long Road Home (Iron Gate) – is a sublime 3:36 minute blast of sweet harmonies with a sensitive Post-Rock vibe. However, do not expect that to last.

The Long Road Home – continues the brutal journey in Part 2 – another 10-minute epic full of haunting Post-Rock ambient tones before the darkness settles in. This track proves Inter Arma are masters and destroyers of creating wonderful moods before descending into bleak sonic chaos that will leave the listener on the edge of their seat.

This is just a small glimpse into the realm of Sky Burial. Inter Arma leave no stone or riff unturned by taking the listener onto a musical odyssey they will never forget. Moods turn bleaker, angrier and even more desperate. This band have looked into the darkness of humanity and have come through the other side darker and angrier than ever.

Sky Burial shows you what the band has gone through to release this defining statement of extreme metal. Tracks such as Destroyer, Westward and Sky Burial will push your soul into the dark abyss where you might never come back from. My fave track has to be the amazing – ‘sblood - A track which shows the band at their most raw, angriest, loudest and most passionate. This track proves that Inter Arma are going to be one of the most defining bands within the Extreme Metal/Sludge Metal genres.

This is an incredible experience unlike no other. It is a defining statement that Inter Arma are a band you cannot possibly ignore and heralds the arrival of a truly important band.

Do not be surprised when this album is considered not only one of 2013 best records but quite possibly one of the most defining releases of the decade.

Amazing and Highly Recommended by ourselves at Sludgelord.

Sky Burial is available to buy from Relapse Records on CD, Digital Download and Vinyl from March 18th 2013.

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