Sunday 10 March 2013

Monuments Collapse - S/T (Album Review)

Self Titled LP cover art
Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 15/1/2013
Label: 50 Year Storm Records
Monuments Collapse, tracklisting:

1) White Owl 19:44
2) Out of Darkness 16:46


Post Metal/Crust/Downtempo band from San Fransico, USA


This new Monuments Collapse self-titled LP is seriously good. I first became aware of it when it was posted on an update right here at Sludgelord HQ (those boys know their shit, it seems), and I practically outright begged for the opportunity to review it. I have no shame. Don't you judge me!
Simply put, great music is great music and that is just what this is. About ten years ago the whole post-metal thing had been overdone to death. The true survivors of that sound at the time were the likes of Pelican and Isis, and the inspirations like Neurosis could survive nuclear war and play to audiences of cockroaches for the rest of existence anyways. For a long time it took something really special to start a fire in me, and I think I've found a new source of kindling.
So let's get into it. Two tracks, two behemoths well north of the 15 minute mark. The first out of the box is 'White Owl', a monolith that builds slowly and steadily and subtly. It sparks real emotion, the calling card of great composition. It makes you feel, makes you invest yourself, and it refuses to let you down. And then it really drops the payload. This bad boy is a bonafide ass kicker when it pulls the riffs out of its pockets and holds them to your heart. Colossal sweeping things. But all very elegant and full of poise, never dominating. I love ass kicker riffs as much as the other denizens of this blog, but sometimes a moment of clarity and peace is what the doctor ordered. This is the soundtrack to introspection.
That introspection continues with 'Out of Darkness'. Just as bold as its predecessor in its vision and just as balls out when it needs to be. Crystal clear drums in the mix, right up there with the vocals. All shrink-wrapped in fuzzed out drone riffs. A real voyage, epic in scope and size. If this was immortalised in a Kubrick film then apes would be throwing bones at it. If it were an expedition then Ranulph Fiennes would be unable to complete it. It's that big.
I cannot stress enough how much this should be in any drone/ambient/sludge lover's collection. It bent my mind and reassured me just how well this sort of thing can actually be done. Check out Monuments Collapse right away, they are most worthy of your collective attention.
Words by : Matt Fitton

As always show your support to the band. This record is a name your price DD and vinyl is a mere $10 on bandcamp. So what are you waiting for? Check the links below.