Sunday 31 March 2013

MERDARAHTA live 03.22.13 [FULL SET]

Merdarahta is an Ambient/Doom/Drone//Noise Metal Band from Canada.

The members are:

t. das, m. mongeon, l. newton, m. bourgon, m. vilandré, m. das, s. choquette, d. menard, m. cleal

Merdarahta are an amazing Ambient/Doom/Drone/Noise Metal band who I have featured before. They feature Topon Das - one of my fave ever musicians from FUCK THE FACTS. He also happens to be a brilliant producer and one hell of a nice guy as well.

Well Merdarahta are an excellent Ambeint/Doom/Noise/Drone Metal band I can't recommend highly enough. They have just released a full set video on YouTube and it's brutal as fuck. Very atmospheric and a little bit creepy to boot.

The 22 minute video is brilliantly put together and shows you what to expect from this great band. If you want to hear more then headover to BandCamp as they have two excellent releases available for free download.

Great work as always from this superb band.

Check this great band below: