Saturday 9 March 2013

The Fifth Alliance - Unrevealed Secrets Of Ruin - Review

The Fifth Alliance is a Doom/Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band from The Netherlands

The members are

Silvia (vocals)
Niels (guitar)
Ivo (guitar)
Ashwin (drums)
Ruud (bass guitar)

The Fifth Alliance is a brutal Doom and Sludge infused Hardcore Metal Band dealing in elements of Post-Metal as well.

The Fifth Alliance have just released their excellent debut album – Unrevealed Secrets Of Ruin – A storming 40 minute blast that will leave you shaken and bruised from this hard-hitting affair.

The Fifth Alliance is an exciting and intriguing prospect in the realm of Sludge Metal. The brilliant and uncompromising brutal vocalist – Silvia leads them. When Silvia sings about all the bad things in the world, you know she is singing from the heart.

When the album starts with its pummelling riffs, you had better buckle up, as this debut album is simply an experience everyone should go through once. It is undeniably bleak but that is what gives this band its power over the audience. First track – Hollow – is a 10 minute plus ride explaining the true horrors of the world told through some sublime vocals and riffs. This track tells you what The Fifth Alliance is all about. So buckle up its gong to be a wild ride.

Silvia is no mood to be messed around with. She is going to tell you what the band’s mission statement is all about. The band is unhappy about many things. She actually makes you think of the world going around you. It is great that she is aided along by some superb musicians who all know how to play a mean riff.

If you are a fan of Converge, Isis, Poison The Well and Botch then you can hear slight influences of those legendary bands music into the mix of this album. However, The Fifth Alliance ventures that a little bit further into the darkness. The album has a string of superb tracks to check out. All brilliantly written with excellent dual vocals when the need arises.

Reminiscing, Seven Seven Seven and Standing Tall being major highlights along with the epic first opening track. The music might not be the most original of sounds but believe me they are a band you cannot ignore. Their music is full of intelligence and passion that will leave a lasting impression on you.

It is a brutal and uncompromising statement of intent from a band I expect to be around in many years to come. It is great to see a band challenging people’s view of the world. It ain’t pretty but when the riffs are this emotionally charged it will be the last thing on your mind. In addition, the band has one of the best female vocalists I have heard in the Sludge Genre in a very long time. Silvia's vocals is one of the bands most prize assets. She can sing, wail, scream like a woman possessed. Do not get her angry, as you will feel the full passion and fury of this highly talented songstress.

The album is expertly produced and will appeal to all Sludge Metal fans. This album is immense from start to finish. I cannot get enough of it.

A brutal and brilliant debut album. Highly Recommended.

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If you want to check out more then you can download the title track for free from Soundcloud.