Friday 29 March 2013

IZAH​/​Fire Walk With Us split EP

IZAH/Fire Walk With Us split EP cover art

IZAH is a Sludge/Noise/Post-Rock Collective from Tilburg, Netherlands

The members are:

Tijs van Wegberg - drums
Frans Terhorst - bass
Twan Bastiaansen - guitar
Roel van Oosterhout - guitar
Michel de Jong - synth / guitar
Sierk Entius - vocals / synth

Fire Walk With Us are an Instrumental Sludge Metal band from Amsterdam

The members are:

Herman Wilken
Geert van der Beek
Ralph Van Reijendam
Nico Nijland

One of these bands have been on the blog before - Fire Walk With Us and now they have teamed up with another brilliant Sludge Metal band from Holland. The brilliant and heavy as fuck - Izah.

Their new split EP is a fucking blast from start to finish. 3 tracks to show some of the finest Sludge Metal The Netherlands has to offer. Izah provide one epic 11 minute track and Fire Walk With Us provide two shorter superb tracks as well. So you have 24 minutes of finely tuned sludge metal carnage to blow your whole world apart.

This is available to download on BandCamp Pay Now Deal. So headover there now and download this excellent release right now. You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Check The Band From The Links Below:


Fire Walk With Us