Saturday 9 March 2013

GODSIZED - Time - Review

Godsized is a Hard Rock/Groove Metal Band from London, UK

The members are:

Glen Korner- Vocals & Guitars
Neil Fish - Guitars
Gavin Kerrigan - Bass
Dan Kavanagh - Drums

Godsized is a band I recently saw live in concert and they blew me away with their excellent performance. I recently did a review on this gig where I bought a copy of their long-awaited debut album - Time

Godsized is a band who are starting to make strides within the UK Underground Rock scene and on the evidence on this excellent album, they will be heading for bigger and better things. This band were personally invited by Zakk Wylde to support Black Label Society on BLS recent European Tour. So if it is good enough for Zakk Wylde then it is good enough for everybody else.

Time is a stunning album that showcases Godsized blend of Hard Rock superbly well. Taking influence from Stoner, Groove, NOLA and Hard Rock, these guys know how to grab your attention with their anthemic hard-hitting riffs. The 56 mins will have you head-banging from start to finish, as the guys leave no stone unturned when playing their action packed riffs.

First track – Soul Taker – is a perfect example to show what Godsized is all about. Good old fashioned riffs paying homage to their musical heroes. Though they still have great ideas of their own to impress you with. The lyrics and vocals have a certain NOLA edge to them, which plays to the bands strengths.

The tracks keep to the same hard rocking energetic formula that Soul Taker lays down but the guys do include “Lighter/Mobile Phone In The Air” song that all Hard Rock bands need to embrace the crowd – and that song is the outstanding – Mother. 7:24 mins of epic riffs and heartfelt vocals to embrace you with.

All the other songs are just good old fashioned Hard Rock/Stoner/Groove Metal based tracks such as Heavy Load, Final Act, Moving On and my fave track – The Bounty Hunter – The Bounty Hunter is where the band write some of the albums catchiest riffs. I heard this track live and it is a monstrous track when played live.

Godsized have upped their game since their last two EP’s, as they have never sounded better as they do here. The songs are all expertly written and played through out. The production is just superb. All of the songs have a great vibe to them. Everything is played loud and crisp.

Time is a stunning debut album from these hugely talented rockers. Catch them while you can as these guys are going places.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Time is available to buy from April 2013. If you get the chance to see them on their current European tour, you can buy a copy from the band themselves.

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