Tuesday 12 March 2013

CROWN - PSYCHURGY - Album Review

Psychurgy cover art

Crown is an Experimental Sludge/Post-Metal Band from France

Crown are a truly original and exciting prospect in the realm of Experimental Metal music. They incorporate Post-Rock, Doom, Sludge, Post-Metal along with Industrial based synths and sounds to portray a band not afraid to experiment with peoples expectations.

They have been on the blog before last year in Feb 2012 when I reviewed their excellent debut EP – The One. It was a colossal release that I raved on as one my fave records of 2012. It still is. It showcased what a great band Crown actually are. It is also hard to believe this band is actually a duo as they feel like a band loud as powerful as Isis were back in the day.

Well 12 months later Crown are back with their excellent debut album – Psychurgy. A 59-minute album comprising of 10 tracks. Plus the guys have been signed to Candlelight Records.

Has much changed for their major league debut album. Yes a lot has changed. Crown have taken what they laid down on The One and have taken it to another level. The riffs are heavier, louder and even more daring. The electronic based industrial beats have given Crown another distinct edge amongst their Sludge/Post-Metal peers.

Trust me when I say you have not heard Sludge/Post-Metal the way Crown perform it. Psychurgy will change your perception of industrial based music. Crown take things apart and rebuild them in their own highly original way. Distorted riffs and vocals might be hard to distinguish at first but give this superb album time and it will have you in its wake.

First track – Psychokinesy I – is a short track combining synthesised noise and distorted vocals. More like a distress call from a distant future or another dimension. But it is not long before the carnage arrives.

Second track – Abyss – provides a glimpse into Crown’s dark and anarchic world. It isn’t pretty folks as your entire world is crushed by heavy industrial sludge based riffs and vocals that feel from a dark mysterious future you don’t want to be apart of. But it is very hard to resist.

Third Track – Blood Runs – is a 9-minute epic which combines haunting cold as steel riffs and disfigured creepy vocals to give the album probably one if it’s defining tracks. Tragic lyrics portray a story that is heart-felt as it is heavy. You can tell Crown have taken their time in creating this album as this song conveys many moods that will take you from one emotional level to the next.

I don't want to do a track-by-track review, as you need to experience this album for yourselves. It is an album full of unsettling moods and emotions through the dark musical abyss that only Sludge/Post-Metal can provide. The album will play with your senses; it will confuse and delight you in equal measure. This is an album you need your wits about you.

The album does have its fair amount of epic tracks with some running past the 8-minute mark. So if you are expecting an easy listen then I suggest you go elsewhere as this is an album that demands your full attention. Check out other great tracks such as – Serpent and Fire, Psychurgy, Telepath to witness the full power and creativity of Crown.

Crown deserve credit for doing something different and wholly original within the Sludge/Post-Metal scene. They have created a truly astonishing album and one that should elevate them one-step closer to greatness. Psychurgy proves Crown are true pioneers of the Sludge/Post-Metal scene.

A brilliant and exhilarating experience I cannot recommend highly enough. Just buy this amazing album when it comes out in April 22nd 2013 in Europe and June 2013 in North America via Candlelight Records.

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Thanks to Crown, Darren and Candlelight Records for letting me review this. Really appreciate it.