Saturday 16 March 2013

TSAR BOMBA - Silent Queen

Silent Queen cover art

Tsar Bomba is a Stoner Metal Band From France

The members are:

Cédric Marcel / Vocals
Fabien Fok / Guitar
Wojtek Nowak / Bass
Jérome Farion / Drums

Now folks what we have here is another fucking brilliant Stoner Metal band from France. We at Sludgelord are huge fans of the French Stoner Metal Scene thanks to bands such as Abrahma, Wheelfall, Huata and Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel.

Now we have - Tsar Bomba - Another great band to add to that list. I will let their bio do the talking as it will tell you what to expect on their superb debut album - Silent Queen.

"Tsar Bomba is formed in Paris, uniting old friends from various musical backgrounds. The line-up finds their sound and writes their first songs, then initiates several concerts in the French capital.

The aerial beat of the drums contributes to the alchemy between a huge gain guitar and a heavy fuzzy bass which support efficiently a clear and rough vocal. The resulting atmosphere reminds us the darkness of Acid Bath, the classical bluesy groove of Kyuss, the might of Karma to Burn or the thick and stoned ambience of Electric Wizard.

Despite the band's youth, the Parisian combo is just back from the recording studio with a unique sounding debut album."

Silent Queen is blast from start to finish which is full of great riffs if your a fan of the bands mentioned in their bio. Tsar Bomba add a cool grunge feel to their music as well. Silent Queen feels like a journey through the musical ages. Blending 90s style Grunge/Stoner Rock riffs with modern day hard-hitting psych Stoner Metal carnage.

The album will entertain you from the word go. First track - Jesus Fucking Christ - will show you what these guys are all about. A hugely talented band who know how to rock the fuck out with great riffs backing them up.

The album goes into overdrive over the next few singles - Enter The Void, Flooded and Silent Queen. All showing what these guys do brilliantly well. Blending dark vocals and lyrics with sublime hard-hitting riffs. You will be head-banging in no time at all.

Cédric has shades of Layne Staley about him when shouting his heart out. Though he still has own hard-hitting charm and vibe of his own.

Silent Queen is a must for all serious Stoner Metal Fans. It's a fucking brilliant debut from this great band. I have been listening to it on a daily basis for the last two weeks or so. It's seriously that fucking great. If you want a seriously addictive and dark blast of huge stoner metal riffs then get checking Silent Queen out now as Tsar Bomba have arrived in a big way.

What's even better is the album is up for free download on BandCamp right now. So get downloading now!!! - You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Check Tsar Bomba from the links below.