Monday 11 March 2013

Enabler - Shift of Redemption ( EP Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 9/4/2013
Label : Think Fast! Records
 Shift of Redemption, tracklisting
1) Shift of Redemption 3:47
2) Live Low 2:!6
3) Sacrifice 1:37
4) Fallselflessly 4:04
Following their civilian and critic-lauded All Hail The Void LP, released last year via Southern Lord, Milwaukee’s venomous metal/hardcore quartet ENABLER is set to drop a crushing new EP this Spring via Think Fast! Records.

ENABLER’s upcoming Shift of Redemption EP features four brand new tracks from the Brew City killers, and while a rapid release, showcases the band expanding their infectious brand of sonic violence into new territory. The recording lineup for Shift of Redemption included founding guitarist/vocalist Jeff Lohrber and bassist Amanda Daniels as on All Hail The Void, and welcomes new lead guitarist Eric Dunn (By Way of Sunstorm, ex-Harlots) and drummer Dave Mann (Mouth of the Architect). The brutal anthems were recorded by Shane Hotchstetler at Howl Street Recordings, mixed by Chris Common (Pelican, These Arms Are Snakes), and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (From Ashes Rise, Sleep, High on Fire), with artwork provided by Raf W.

Shift Of Redemption is confirmed for release via Think Fast! Records worldwide on April 9th as a digital download and 7”; the first pressing limited to 1,000 copies, with 350 copies pressed on gold wax and 650 on clear.
Jeff Lohrber - Vocals, Guitar
Amanda Daniels - Bass Guitar
Eric Dunn - Guitar
Dave Mann - Drums
HOOOO-LEEEE SHIT. You know the way you felt when you listened to an exceptional, furious and righteous Hardcore band for the very first time? This new Enabler is that all over again. Exactly that all over again. I'm not even kidding.
It's so very, very good. It's pissed off and it has the might of right on its side, because there's no way conviction like this could ever be wrong. I fucking love it.
It's vital music for a time, and a scene, that needs vitality. Hardcore has become lazy and stagnant. There are some exceptions: the new Baptists album. Touché Amore. Everybody loves the new Nails record. I loved the White Widows EP. And there will always be Converge (because they will NEVER be allowed to bow out). But generally speaking I personally have been disillusioned with the state of hardcore address for a few years now. And I used to be so enamoured with it in my youth.
And so here we are with this EP, 'Shift of Redemption'. Straight away it wastes absolutely zero time messing about, as the self titled track and opener escapes from its cage and makes its way for the throat and the heart. Classic Hardcore drums (i.e. REALLY FAST) are par for the course, but the sweet stuff is the buzz saw riffage that comes right out of the Slayer handbook. It's move or be moved with this bad boy - and something is definitely gonna move. The breakdown toward the end could level Fort Knox. It's huge!
'Live Low' is my favourite cut from this release. "Fuck you and fuck you and fuck you forever" would be utter ham normally, but here it's lived and breathed and you can tell the difference. Delivery fresher than UPS, and guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat.
'Sacrifice' is short and snappy and doesn't stray from the game plan either.  But the closer ‘Fallselflessly’ is a curveball. A slower and more melodic affair that still yields results and doesn't scrimp on that vitality that I mentioned earlier. Tight double bass and high end guitar wrap themselves around each other and intertwine effortlessly, just before everything gets heavier again within sight of the finish line.
You NEED this EP if you are or were ever a kid that fell in love with Hardcore and felt that it represented you as a form of music or a way of life. Pick it up and experience that feeling again. Like a shot of adrenaline, you won't be able to shake it off soon after - nor will you ever want to.
Words by : Matt Fitton
As always show your support to the band. You can purchase this from Think Fast! Record directly.  Thanks to kind EARsplit for hooking us up as per usual. This truly is a beast, so go buy it.  You can read the interview I did with Jeff here