Thursday 7 March 2013

Eleleth - Theothanatolgy (Review)

Theothanatology cover art
Album Type : EP
Date Released : 18/2/1013
Label : Self Release
Theothanatolgy, tracklisting
1) Theothanatolgy 7:06
2) Sophia 2:56
3) Against Heresies 3:11
4) The Island Earth 2:54

Eleleth is a musical project shared by two friends, Michele and Alex.

We play noisy, heavy pretty music, and our words incorporate Nietzschean philosophy and Gnostic mythology, creating art and literature, thoughts and ideas against the ceaseless dark. Our first record, Theothanatology will be release soon


Right off the bat, I have something to admit. I initially passed on reviewing this release for the Sludgelord dudes. I listened to it and it didn't hook me. At all. Yet I went away for the rest of my afternoon and I couldn't get it out of my head. I even felt guilty about not giving it a fair shake. Which is crazy, right?
Wrong. And I'll tell you why.
'Theothanatology' is the debut effort of Eleleth, a truly international duo that splits its members between both Italy and England. The best way I can describe this 4-track EP is pretty much the way I committed myself to listening to it. It's the soundtrack to that brief moment in time where you're trapped between the waking world and the dreaming one. That joyous period that seems to last a lifetime, but in reality passes in seconds.
I decided to crank it on my headphones just as I was about to pass out and it was phenomenal. I mean really breathtaking. Like a less harsh My Bloody Valentine or Jesu without the crunch. This ambient, experimental drone-noise beauty is something to behold. It's only short; 16 minutes in total, but it packs so much dense emotion in to that relatively short period of time that it almost makes your heart ache.
The title track is basically quiet white noise with background deep strings and shouted vocals. That makes it sound crap, but it's the low volume that makes it shine. Vocals shouted with such resonating urgency that you're compelled to let them in. Astonishing.
'This Island Earth' is powerful enough to do just that: make something as huge and overpopulated as this planet seem small like an island, and less disconnected. And yet it's so quiet. It doesn't need the volume to achieve its goal, that's not what this is about.
Admittedly this may not be for everyone who is a denizen of this blog. I for one though am so glad I gave myself a second chance and took on Eleleth. I haven't regretted it. Do yourself a favour and experience them too.
Words by : Matt Fitton

As ever show your support.  Thanks to Michelle for hooking us up.   Check the links for more info on the band.