Saturday 16 March 2013

Early Mammal - Horror At Pleasure - Review

Early Mammal is an Experimental Psychedelic Rock Band from UK

The members are

The members are:

Rob Herian - Guitar/Vocals
Ben Davis - Drums/Percussion
Deniz Belendir - Organ/Synth/Vocals

Now I originally featured this band in Nov 2012 as a band to look out for. Their blend of hard rock, psych, stoner and doom meant they are a very strange and great band indeed. I have been looking forward to their debut album ever since. Now the time is finally here. Horror At Pleasure is being released in April 2013 via Devouter Records. (Yes – Devouter Records again. How many times have I featured this great label? Too many to mention. But when the label releases great albums as much as they do. They are bound to hit these pages).

Well Early Mammal’s debut album – Horror At Pleasure – is an absolute blast from start to finish. It will frustrate and delight you in equal measure and that is a good thing believe me. The band are very hard to categorize. Hard Rock, Psych, Stoner and Doom all feature prominently but the music is still very hard to describe.

Rob’s vocals take a bit getting used to but after a few listens they really add a great feel to the overall tone of the album. Rob has shades of Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger at times while the band itself know how to play fine psych trippy based riffs to chill the soul to.

If you want something different in the realm of Experimental Psych Rock then you cannot go wrong here. Early Mammal even add some creepy atmospherics when unleashing their inner-doom personas. The album is heavy at times but not earth shattering heavy just the right side of heaviness for an album like this.

If you are into 60’s/70’s based psych rock then you are going to dig this. Some excellent tracks would go down a storm in the live stage. Especially – Demon Or Saint, Resurrection Men and Final Watch. The more times I listened to this, the more I started to dig it a whole lot more. I think this is a great album. It has a dark persona around it with many layers of great music for you to check out.

Production is handled superbly well. You can hear everything played to great effect. Early Mammal are not your usual band. They have a very strange and groovy vibe about them. It is good they sound different to other bands on the UK Scene. It makes them their own band with a unique sound and identity that we need in today’s scene.

Devouter Records have another great band on their hands. I am still amazed by the high quality of artists they have signed and Early Mammal continues this great run.

Overall – Horror At Pleasure – is a superb album to check out for all you experimental freaks to check out. It might take a few listens but this is definitely a great album from one of the UK’s original upcoming bands.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Horror At Pleasure from Devouter Records from April 1st 2013.

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