Saturday 9 March 2013

SuperTimor - Double Impact (Album Review)

Double Impact cover art
Album Type : Full Length
Date Released :  18/8/2012
Label : Self Released / Bandcamp

Double Impact, tracklisting:
1) Karate Tiger (Intro) 7:32
2) Bloodsport  11:12
3) Le Grand Tounoi 12:48
4) Kickboxer 4:14
5) Cyborg 9:20
6) In Hell 15:04


SUPERTIMOR was a group outside of any music with everyone. In 10 years of activity no bow was made to get out of the hole where the group lies now.  Has been spending a lot of sucking, bandeurs who seized 'mode' stoner-doom-sludge and other drone highbrow to the passage and it is always remained in our corner in Marseille to do what we liked, in the way that sang us and especially not to imitate all of these bad (French foreign) groups that grew like mushrooms.
Posthumous album of the cult sludge band Supertimor. When Congo drums meet French doom, the result is a concept album about Jean-Claude Van Damme (?!) (Translation using bing from facebook)
S.A.S 2 Belzémouk aka Igor Le Malpoli - Guitar, vocals, keyboard
Guignol aka Julien Obermann - Bass
Vinnie Smegma aka Vince Venckman - Drums, Keyboards
This is mental. I mean really mental. Is it mental? Pretty sure it must be.
Supertimor were/are a French sludge band, and this posthumously released effort takes the shape of a Jean-Claude Van Damme concept album. That's correct. An entire album about the guy from AWOL!
But it's actually very good. 'Karate Tiger (Intro)' opens with thick sludge elements, but there's congo drums casually beating in the background while an 8-bit soundtrack to a game that can only be about ghosts loops onward. Bat-shit stuff here folks.
'Bloodsport' features more Sega Megadrive lunacy, but also a ground shaking heaviness. Sick riffs, evil and twisted things with the viscosity of possessed cough syrup. Cavernous drums sprinkled throughout. I don't really know where I am anymore. I've abandoned any pre-conceived notions I had at the door.
'Kickboxer' has a real pace to it, and manages to sound a lot more stoner. At its heart it could have been made in the desert in the mid-nineties. Imagine if the guy who scored Mario Bros was a founding member of Kyuss instead. All fuzzed out and trying to leap on turtle shells.
I found myself really enjoying this thing. It has the chops to elevate it well beyond comedy album status. Supertimor obviously had a wicked sense of humour, but they also had some wicked tunes too. Like a roundhouse kick to the ears from the man in question himself. Check them out, and protect your face at all times.
Words by : Matt Fitton
As always show your support to the band. This record is a name your price DD on bandcamp.  So what are you waiting for? Get downloading.  It is a great record!