Friday 29 March 2013


Descend : Ascend EP cover art

NIGHT are an instrumental ambient metal band from York, Pennsylvania, USA.

The members are:

Bobby Yagodich - Guitar
Matt Jackson - Bass
Zach Nace - Guitar
Mark Bixler - Drums

Night are an amazing band who we have featured before. Their blend of instrumental music struck a chord with me as they packed a mighty fine mean riff which oozed creepy atmospherics.

Well the guys are back with their superb new EP - Descend - Ascend. A 3 song and 19 minute blast of great atmospheric doom and gloom based Post-Metal riffage.

The guys waste no time in getting down to business to show you what they can do with their instruments at their disposal. The title track Descend - Ascend has an uplifting post-rock/post-metal vibe matched with a darker creepier side as well. Very hard to do but Night pull this off perfectly.

Probably the best track off the EP. Up next is Bodach where Night unleash their heaviest work to date with a lot of heavy sonic carnage mixed in with the doom/post-metal riffs merging in the background.

Finally we have Maps. A track which starts with a subtle Post-Rock riff before adding more and more layers  of music before all hell breaks loose around the 2:35 minute mark. Post-Rock vibe is firmly now in the background with the heavier blasts of Doom/Post-Metal coming through. And what a ride it is.

Just a shame its on so short as your getting in the mood and then it ends. Now it's time for Night to start recording that illustrious full-length. They have shown they have the talent and drive to succeed in releasing a top-notch album.

All in all an excellent release from a superb band. Highly Recommended.

You can get a copy of Descend - Ascend from the band themselves.

Check This Great Band Below: