Friday 29 March 2013


Demo 2013 cover art

Full Zenith is a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Right folks what we have here is a very cool band indeed. Full Zenith are a band I think deserve your attention. As they play some superb fast and furious Sludge/Stoner Metal to rock the fuck out to.

Here is the bio they sent me:

"We're 2 potheads and 2 XXX'ers that like to get heavy, hazy, and weird. The demo began as an explosion of light through a smoke filled blanket fort, myself and Dustin (screaming/guitar) taking our cues from sludge doom & stoner jams, but mixing our collective musical backgrounds to try and make something entirely our own. Sleep//Metallica//Life of Agony//90's Shoegaze//Crowbar//Rage Against the Machine//80's hardcore sensibilities mix with newer influences of Bongripper//Hangman's Chair//Wolves in the Throne Room//Dopethrone//Ice Dragon//Wo Fat//YAITW//our friends inHomewrecker//Code Orange Kids, all congealing with hash oil and chicken grease to clog the veins of the Ohio Valley with this:

We love the monster we've created, and we want to share it with anyone who'll listen. Expect more to come very soon, until then may your ears ring with the finest of doom."

Now their debut demo does have one fucked up vibe but it also includes some great riffs to headbang to.

Yeah I like this band very much. So headover to bandcamp and download this now. You will definitely be surprised. Light up you best bong and press play and rock the fuck out to FULL ZENITH.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Check The Band From The Links Below: