Thursday 28 March 2013


Black Black Black cover art

Black Black Black is an Alternative Rock/Dark Rock/Stoner Rock Band

The members are:

Jason Alexander Byers : Vocals
Jacob Cox : Guitar & Rhodes
Jeff Ottenbacher : Drums
Johnathan Swafford : Bass

Black Black Black features members of Disengage – They are a dark, delicious and twisted Stoner Metal Band that blends elements of Alt Rock, Grunge, Death and Roll with a scathing attack on today’s society and values.

Their excellent S/T debut album is a 12-song opus that runs for an impressive 40 mins. The album features a guest performance by Dave Curran of Unsane.

The album is full of dark riffs that go through Death and Roll, Stoner, Noise and Punk with impressive clean-based vocals to match. Black Black Black are masters at writing insane social conscience based twisted lyrics. Especially on ace track – Wisdom, Knowledge and Fucked – A 6-minute plus track that will show you everything that is wrong on big corporations and consumer spending. Some of the best riffs on the album are on this track. Full of subtle ambient noises and sonic blasts to feed your imagination.

Black Black Black really do have a unique sound and vibe around them. They play with such fire and passion it’s hard to compare them against other bands. Their blend of dark and highly infectious riffs will no doubt awaken memories to the 1990’s where Grunge and Noise Rock bands were starting to rule the world. Mishandled Cult Funds is one of my fave tracks as it feels like a rallying call to the masses to start taking action now before the whole world becomes more unbearable than it all ready is.

Even though Black Black Black does have a serious side to their music, they still know how to rock out. As the album does feature, excellent short action packed angry based punk/stoner tracks that will get anyone in the head-banging mood. Tracks such as Night Moves, Redeath and Soar Like A Spider prove Black Black Black write intelligent lyrics with sublime riffs to match. The tracks might be over and done with in less than 2 minutes but what an exhilirating rush of adrenaline they will give you. Just awesome edge of the seat stuff.

As stated previously the album has a dark vibe about it. It might take a few listens to fully appreciate the full vibe of the album, but when you do. you're in for a wild ride that is virtually impossible to ignore.

The album is brilliantly produced by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Converge, Pelican, Cave In). So if you want an amazing nightmarish Stoner Metal journey into the dark seedy underbelly of the modern world then this album is for you.

My final thoughts are Black Black Black have released a truly wonderful and defining statement of the world around us. Black Black Black may just be the most honest and truthful band currently out there in the underground scene. Long may it continue.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Black Black Black is now available to buy on Digital, CD and Vinyl from their BandCamp Page. Thanks to the band for sending me a copy. Much appreciated guys.

Check This Great Band Below.