Friday 22 March 2013

Devourment - Conceived In Sewage (Album Review)

Devourment is a Brutal Death Metal quartet from Dallas, Texas.

Their line-up consists of:

Mike Majewski – vocals
Ruben Rosas – guitars
Chris Andrews – bass
Eric Park – drums


1. Legalize Homicide
2. Fifty Ton War Machine
3. Conceived in Sewage
4. Fucked with Rats
5. March to Megiddo
6. Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill
7. Heaving Acid
8. Carved into Ecstasy
9. Parasitic Eruption


Devourment is a death metal band from Dallas, Texas. Forming in 1995, the band has split-up and reformed three times with none of the original members remaining. Their current line-up heralds former members of acts such as Kill The Client , Exitium and Suture, to name a few. They are signed to the label Brutal Bands, but have been signed with United Guttural, Corpsegristle Records and have had albums re-released by other labels. Devourment are highly active as of now, touring and performing relentlessly. They recently signed to Relapse Records.


Devourment are back with their fourth full-length entitled 'Conceived In Sewage'... probably one of my favorite releases of this year thus far, within this range of sound, of course. I haven't been this excited about the genre in a good while aside from the classics... until this gem came along.

The one thing that can turn an epic, refreshing death metal release into an utter cheesedick circle jerk quicker than anything is shitty Hot Topic sounding segments of songs that the hipsters refer to as "breakdowns".  Usually this is just a slower section of a song with more memorable parts to more or less give you a bit of a break in the craziness.  Devourment does this just about better than any other band I've ever heard.  Their slow, dare I say doomy, parts are just what this genre has lacked for a long period of time, and goddamn it feels nice to hear someone do it right without sounding like a generic 5th rate deathcore rip-off.

What they are able to create musically on this album is truly awe-inspiring.  The first thing you notice is how tight this band fits together.  Every aspect of this album blends perfectly, creating a sound that many death metal bands have pathetically failed at trying to achieve.  No single member is trying to shine or stand apart from the crowd.  They are just having fun creating a blend of brutal death metal that, while sometimes appears cheesy in delivery,  has this unrivaled groove rarely achieved in this otherwise and very unfortunately bland genre.

I hadn't listened to Devourment at all before listening to this album.  I will surely check out all their other releases after listening to this.  My interest to seek out new death metal releases hasn't been this high in years.  Devourment have done something which seemed nearly impossible for decades.  They made death metal exciting and for the lack of a better word - fun - without ever being a chore or task to finish an album in one setting, which has been difficult for a long time.

'Conceived In Sewage' is available in digital format via Bandcamp for 10 bucks or through their respective label as far as physical merch goes, and we can all pretty much gather that it is well worth it! TEABAG APPROVED!

Devourment - Conceived In Sewage (2012)

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