Sunday 3 March 2013

White Widows - S/T (EP Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 1/3/2013
Label : Sacrement Music
White Widows, tracklisting,
1) Ace Rothstein 3:00
2) El Marrano 4:02
3) Slow Burn 4:43
4) New Pollution Group 3:31
5) Sin Taxes 4:13
6) Collateral Damage 4:47

Formed by drummer Kenny Appell (Goes Cube, Cleanteeth), bassist Brian Ponto, guitarists Nick Emde (The Destro) and Travis Bacon (Grudges), and vocalist David Castillo (Primitive Weapons, Saint Vitus Bar, Sacrament Music), WHITE WIDOWS merges NYC-style metallic hardcore and Southern sludge metal elements and production into mid-paced metallic grooves, slow-motion breakdowns and high-paced pit-swinging melees diversifying the flow over the self-titled debut’s twenty-four minute lifespan. The record was recorded with Dean Baltulonis at the Wild Arctic in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Most Precious Blood, Goes Cube) and will see a digital release/exclusive shirt package via Sacrament Music on March 1st.

Among other regional shows to be confirmed continually, WHITE WIDOWS will storm Acheron in Brooklyn with Pittsburgh crust warriors Heartless in March, and have two shows with local pirates Mutilation Rites and Seattle deathbeaters Black Breath in Brooklyn and Philly in April.
Kenny Appell  - Drums
Brian Ponto - Bass
Nick Emde  - Guitar
Travis Bacon - Guitar
David Castillo  - Vocals

Review There seems to be this new breed of metallic hardcore band at the moment, even more pissed off than their forefathers were. Which is of course saying something?
This is where White Widows enter the fray, promising it won't hurt while the hand that's hidden behind their back has fingers crossed and a baseball bat in it. This Brooklyn five-piece will repeatedly kick you while you're down. It's their prerogative given the fact they probably put you there in the first place. This is their debut self-titled EP, a vicious, snarling statement that is short, sharp and noisy.
'Ace Rothstien' is full of stomping hardcore heaviness, and has more than its fair share of thrash (and at times death) stylistics. Vocals haven't been this deranged in hardcore since The Banner were at their peak and just as willing to start a mass brawl. This is that rare stuff; no posturing or posing, no tough guy swagger. This is real.
'El Marrano' keeps the fire burning, all double bass and slick grooves that combine effortlessly. There's even a Biohazard-esque solo thrown in for good measure.
'New Pollution Group' slows the pace down briefly before giving up and just succumbing to speed. Those death metal riffs really shine through here. The more traditional influences are worn openly on sleeves, and it makes for an interesting and vital mix.
Overall this is an exceptional opening argument from White Widows. I loved the urgency and the attitude that came through my speakers, a refreshing change to some of the staler hardcore offerings that have dominated recent years. Hail to the new breed.
Words by : Matt Fitton

Check the links for more info on the band below. Record is available to buy.  Thanks EARsplit PR.