Wednesday 20 March 2013


The Moonhouse Sessions cover art

Avalanche is a Hardcore/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Austria

The members are:


Avalanche are a band who recently contacted me to check out their great band. Apparently I missed them first time around. Which I can only apologize for. As these guys fucking ROCK!!!!

Here is a brief description of what you need to know.

AVALANCHE from vienna, austria, again. we play hardcore with a strong tendency towards stoner and doom metal (ffo: sleep, pentagram, sabbath, war hungry, hang the bastard).

If you're a fan of those great bands then Avalanche are a band you need to check out now. These guys play brutal fast paced Stoner/Doom Metal with a great hardcore edge to it.

They have 3 great releases for you to check out for free right now. Either at their BandCamp page or from the Mediafire Links listed below.

Among Beasts Demo (2010):
Thanatos EP (2012):
The Moonhouse Sessions Tape (2013):

The Moonhouse Sessions Tape being my fave out of the entire 3 as it features two amazing covers of Pentagram and True Blue. All of the releases might be short but they are jammed packed with action packed hard-hitting and sublime riffs. So do yourself a favour and get checking AVALANCHE out now.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

Check AVALANCHE from the links below: