Wednesday 20 March 2013

Sunwølf - Midnight Moon - Review

Sunwølf is an Ambient/Drone/Stoner Rock Band from UK

The members are:

Dominic Deane (Drums/Organ)
Matthew Carrington (Guitars/Samples)

Sunwølf are an Ambient/Drone/Stoner Rock band who play an original blend of instrumental music. Parts Karma To Burn based Stoner Rock matched against Sunn0))) and Earth style Ambient based Drone music. We have featured before on the blog when I reviewed their superb debut album. My only criticism of it was I wished Sunwølf included a louder song to end things on as they put all the heavy based riffs at the start while the ambient/drone style music at the end.

Well the guys are back with their stunning new album – Midnight Moon – and I am happy to report that Sunwølf have delivered an album that has the perfect balance between loud and quiet style riffs. I wasn’t expecting such a quick album from Sunwølf as their last album was only released in Sept 2012. 6 months later, we are back with their excellent follow up.

Sunwølf now play a slower and slightly angrier version of instrumental music they last released. More akin to Pelican and Russian Circles but at a less frantic pace.

First track – Sellanraa – shows you what this hugely talented duo can do. From this great track, I would say Sunwølf are now considered as Post-Metal as they play heavy based riffs with ambient style passages thrown in for great measure. The track oozes atmosphere. It instantly draws you in while Sunwølf play at a cool leisurely pace. If you had a hard day, this is the perfect track to unwind to. Uplifting music for the body and soul. 9 mins of music that shows the perfect balance between loud vs quiet style of instrumental music.

Sunwølf carry this winning blend of great music into the superb next track – Prey To Melancholy – which starts off with a dark delicious riff that harks back to the early days of Pelican but one that soon shows that Sunwølf are no mere copycats. As they include a dark style of instrumental music that will leave you on the edge of your seat. An outstanding track that shows Sunwølf know how to write a song with scope and ambition to set them apart within today’s instrumental rock scene.

Up next is my fave track – Midnight Moon – a track that shows the band in full flow. Both musical sides of the band coming to together in perfect harmony. Teasing the listening with quiet ambient sounds before unleashing heavy based rock riffs. The track has a dark vibe running through it that will make you feel a sense of danger is lurking around the corner.

Sunwølf show their tender side on the next track – Brick and Mortars. Soothing Post-Rock style ambient passages calm the listeners nerves before a jarring riff comes out of nowhere to show you these guys still mean business in playing sublime riffs. The riffs here have a grizzled edge to them. More precision based. It gets straight the point leaving no note wasted. Another contender for one of the albums best tracks.

That is how the album plays out until the very end. It ends on a cool sombre piano based song called Glacier River that ends the album on a great. Sunwølf have truly delivered a great album of epic riffs that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. It is a journey you want to take over and over again.

Midnight Moon will show you how involving and demanding instrumental music can actually be. Midnight Moon is an excellent album and one that puts their debut album in the shade. I cannot recommend it highly enough. For a duo Sunwølf are doing something very different indeed within the Heavy Rock scene. Hopefully this should make people take notice of this great band. It is what they deserve for releasing a brilliant album like this.

I am now a confirmed fan of this great band. Midnight Moon is a triumph. End Of. Released 29th April on limited LP via: Speedowax, Invektiv Records and ArkNoise. A cassette will also be available via Colossus Tapes.

Thanks to the band for sending me a promo copy to review. Much appreciated.

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