Sunday 31 March 2013


The Forgotten Plague cover art

Burden Of The Noose are Stoner/Punk/Sludge Metal Band from Birmingham, UK

The members are:

Vocals:-Karl 'Poon' Lane
Guitar-Skot Cooper
Bass- Dirty Arse
Drums:-Keiron Rose

Burden Of The Noose are a band we featured recently last year. We raved on about them for their hard-hitting blend of lo-fi Punk infused Sludge/Stoner Metal. They even received an endorsement from DOPETHRONE.

 Head over to this link and look who left a comment for the band.

"cheers from DOPETHRONE))) MTL CANADA!!!!!!!

you guys take us to the swamps with the heavy sludge at first and upgrade the violence with some D-beat crust ending... death metal vox.. good mix of styles!!, great sound quality too... ..a little more "moving around" wouda made the video better, considering the brutality of the sound, but overall, I give it a good 8.5/10


Well the guys are back with their latest EP - The Forgotten Plague. And it rocks like a mother-fucker. 7 hard-hitting tracks to knock you right fucking out. It's loud, nasty, heavy, angry and pissed off all in one go. First track - Bitch Goat - sets up the scene perfectly. If you like this sort of nasty based Sludge music then your in for a treat.

Brutal distorted vocals to match the heavy pummelling riffs on show. Burden Of The Noose have created a monster here. Heavy and brutal from the start. This is Sludge/Stoner Metal forged in the pits of hell. Don't go expecting uplifting riffs as it isn't the bands style. Just superb in-yer-face Sludge/Stoner Metal to head-bang to over and over again.

Check out other ace tracks - The Begging Game, Cancerous Bollock, Family Affair and Lucifers Path.

Burden Of The Noose have delivered a superb EP and one that should tell the world of Sludge/Stoner Metal that a great band has truly arrived. This could lead the band onto bigger and better things. Brilliant.

You can download this on BandCamp Pay Now Deal. So headover and download this monster now. You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below