Saturday 9 March 2013

A Million Miles - What's Left Behind - Review

A Million Miles is a Stoner/Hardcore Metal Band from Germany

The members are:

Mona: Vocals
Willo: Guitar
Shi: Guitar
Finbar: Bass
Timo: Drums

A Million Miles are band who I have been keeping an eye on for a short while now. They play an intriguing blend of Stoner Metal infused with Hardcore to portray a band big on riffs with a hard-hitting edge.

They are fronted by Mona – a well respected PR Rep within the underground stoner rock community. I did not realised she had her own band until a couple of months back. I checked them out and I liked what I heard.

Well Mona kindly sent me their excellent debut album to check out – What’s Left Behind. And what an action packed ride the album is.

11 tracks highlighting the bands talents for writing a great hard-hitting riff with Mona’s cool vocals aiding the band along. A Million Miles have quite a reputation within the Stoner Metal Scene. The album kicks off with the intense opener – Death and Beyond. A track that displays what the band is capable of through out the album with a few cool surprises along the way.

What’s Left Behind is full of great melodies to rock out to. Mona knows how to hold a tune .She has a great voice and presence that holds the listeners attention from start to finish. The band play with an intense edge even throwing some insane thrash style riffs in to the mix as well.

There are no progressive riffs here folks just good old-fashioned Stoner Metal riffs that will have you head banging from the start. Especially on the excellent tracks – Letter For You, When Skies Fall Down, Hold, A Million Miles and What’s Left Behind.

It’s a credit to the band they have written so many great tunes as this album feels like a greatest hits album rather than their debut. A Million Miles have produced a debut album what all great debut albums should do. Telling the whole world what they are all about. The instrumental work and vocals are excellent through out. Mona sings with such authority it feels she has a legion of Stoner Metal warriors ready to fight at any command she fires out to them.

If you are a fan of Stoner Metal and want to hear something a little bit different then you should check A Million Miles out now. You will be pleasantly surprised on what you will find here. It is a great ride from start to finish and should appeal to all serious rock fans.

What is Left Behind will surely put A Million Miles onto another level. This is a band we will surely be hearing more of in the years to come. I have a feeling that Mona will be sharing the stage with some of her well known PR Clients that she currently represents in the many months to come.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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What’s Left Behind will be available to buy from Abandon Records/New Music Distribution on April 5th 2013.