Tuesday 19 March 2013

Nightbitch - Chainmaker (EP Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 26/3/2013
Label : Ear One Productions
Chainmaker, EP tracklisting:

1) Chainmaker
2) Disrober
3) Into The Fire (Deep Purple Cover)


Coalescing a mission statement of "wicked women, unholy passions and fire nights" with influences musical, aesthetic, chemical and carnal, NIGHTBITCH are "purveyors of some of the finest occult-themed, sleazed-out, trad-flavored metal around" (CT Indie).

NIGHTBITCH formed in the summer of 2009 when Ipsissimus guitarist Ryan "His Emissary" Adams sought an outlet to reconcile his late-bloomer discovery of Ritchie Blackmore's majestic emanations with his obsession for sleazy 70's occult / exploitation films and plagiarized Danzig riffs. Adams soon hooked up with celebrated doom metal vocalist Phil Swanson (Hour of 13, Seamount, Vestal Claret and many more) through mutual friend Bill Connnolly (whose No Visible Scars label would expose the world to NIGHTBITCH via the Sex and Magic cassette). The band was quickly rounded out by the formidable rhythm section of longtime friends and veteran CT musicians Chris Taylor (Kingdom of Sorrow) and Mark Else (De Omega) on drums and bass, respectively.

In September 2010, after gigs opening for such heavyweights as Pentagram, Black Pyramid, Earthride and Midnight, NIGHTBITCH traveled to Dublin, Ireland as the back-up band for Hour of 13's live debut at the Dublin Doom Day, playing its own gig as a part of the warm-up festivities. The band brought with it the Sex and Magic cassette, which would sell out of all 100 copies within a month of its release. Upon returning from Dublin, NIGHTBITCH and Swanson amicably parted ways and Taylor assumed vocal duties. In December, Cyclopean Records issued Sex and Magic on vinyl limited to 350 copies, which also sold out in one month's time. Analog formats exhausted, Sex and Magic has since entered the digital realm via Austria's Psychedoomelic Records, where it counts the godly Reverend Bizarre among its labelmates.

With Taylor at the helm, NIGHTBITCH has composed eleven infernal odes to comprise its full-length debut and is set to release the Chainmaker EP to showcase the depravity to follow. Chainmaker contains the originals "Chainmaker" and "Disrober", closing with a reverent cover of Deep Purple's "Into the Fire". It will be released as a one-sided vinyl 12" by Ear One Productions in a limited edition of 250. To celebrate the occasion, NIGHTBITCH will be joined on March 23rd  by esoteric Boston traditionalists Magic Circle and Providence instrumetal powerhouse, Thrillhouse at Cherry Street Station in Wallingford, CT for a night of heavy metal hedonism with guest DJ's, ignorant drink specials and the screening of questionable films. Admission is free with purchase of the vinyl.

The band is currently courting distributors for both releases as well as labels interested in the full-length, all while continuing to play out, spreading its Hell-ordained gospel of traditional heavy fucking metal... riffs and sleaze with a sensual, occult bent.

Ryan Adams
Chris Taylor
Mark Else

Nightbitch are not only a fantastically named horror-rock band, but they're also from Connecticut and have a new EP available that goes by the name of 'Chainmaker'. So let's get all up into the mix then, shall we?
The EP opener and self-titled track is a straight-forward, no nonsense rocker right out of the Danzig playbook, which is certainly no bad thing. Terrific metal sensibilities combine with good song crafting to provide something that does exactly what it says on the tin. The horror lyrics are welcome as you know right away what to expect, and there is nothing pretentious about the sound that the band is aiming for. It's a hip-shaker, and the evil Elvis himself would surely be  proud to call it his own creation. I love the production, and everything is right up front, be it the guitars, drums, bass or vocals. Classic recording in it's very essence. This could have been laid to tape in the early eighties and we would have been none the wiser.
'Disrober' is a heavier affair from the outset with a more instant doom flavour. A solid backbeat carries along a classic doom riff at the mid-pace, not funeral procession slow but just as heavy. The vocals are at their peak here, and drummer/vocalist Chris Taylor should be commended for carrying out his double duty with exceptional accuracy.
Closing out the EP is a welcome Deep Purple cover, 'Into the Fire'. Deep Purple are maybe the most covered group of all time, and with great reason; their songs are by and large timeless and classic. This was a great choice by Nightbitch as it fits the mood and their style perfectly. Well executed.
Overall a great mini-offering is up for grabs here. Solid classic rock and metal - what is there to question? Go pick yourself up a copy of the 'Chainmaker' EP, play it very loud and get your groove on.

Words by : Matt Fitton

As always show your support to the band. You can purchase this from 26th March here   Thanks to Dave @ EARsplit for hooking us with this release for review.