Thursday 28 March 2013

Cultura Tres - Rezando Al Miedo - Review

Cultura Tres are a psychedelic sludge metal band from Venezuela, South America.

The members are:

Alejandro Londono - vocals, guitar
Juan Manuel de Ferrari - guitar, backing vocals
Alonso Milano - bass
David Abbink - drums

We are very big fans of Cultura Tres at Sludgelord. We have featured them a few times on the blog mainly featuring their excellent last album and an interview I recently did with the band.

If this is your first time hearing these guys then where have you been over the last few years. Their 2011 album launched these guys in a big way within the Sludge Metal world. They have toured all over the world with their blend of hard-hitting psych based Sludge Metal.

Well two years later and Cultura Tres are finally back with their most hard hitting album to date – Rezando al Miedo – An 8 song and 54 minute assault on the senses. Cultura Tres have embraced the darker side of their music like never before. Dark twisted lyrics will leave the listener cold and jaded possibly even lashing out at the world. Vocals and lyrics are fired out at a fast-paced rate but with a deep and brutal social conscience attached.

The album feels like a history lesson through the painful times that the South American people have gone through. Or any other part of the world that has fell on hard times especially in today’s current financial climate. Another powerful aspect Cultura Tres has backing their immense talent is the high count of riffs on show. The psychedelic edge is what drives the album through. At times, the album does have a Sepultura (Roots) era feel but still maintaining the bands own unique and hard-hitting edge.

Cultura Tres could have made a more assecible album to please their more extended fan base. But they have not. They have pulled out all of the stops in releasing an unflinching portrayal unlike no other in the realm of Sludge Metal in 2013. Vocals are sung with passion and anger that will make you take notice of what David is singing about.

Cultura Tres have harnessed the energy of such legendary bands as Alice In Chains and Sepultura especially on superb tracks – Rezando Al Miedo, La Ley Del Dolor and Forget I’m Here. All showing the band have progressed as musicians and songwriters from their last great album.

Rezando Al Miedo is a groove laden masterpiece that proves Cultura Tres are possibly the finest South American Metal band currently out there. This album will surely launch them on a global scale.

Excellent and Highly Recommended by ourselves at Sludgelord. You need this album in your life. End Of.

Rezando Al Miedo will be available from Devouter Records form May 2013. Thanks to Phil and co at Devouter Records for letting us review this. Really appreciate it.

Check This Amazing band from the links below:

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