Saturday 23 March 2013

Ornaments - Pneumologic (Album Review)


Album Type : Full Length
Date Released :  5/2/2013
Label : Tannen Records/Sangue Dischi
Pneumologic, album tracklisting:
1) Pulse 7:59
2) Breath 6:21
3) Aer 9:22
4) Galeno 8:04
5) Pneuma 10:58
6) Spirit 1:09
7) L'ora Del Corpo Spaccato 11:39


Ornaments is an instrumental band that was founded in mid-2003 due to the strong musical empathy that develops between Alessandro Zanotti and Davide Gherardi (both coming from The Death of Anna Karina), Simone Mambrini (Hangin ‘on a Thread) and Riccardo Bringhenti (7Note in Nero / Welch).
The music of Ornaments starts following the common coordinates found in the sensitivity of the four musicians, and looking to most innovative post-metal and post-core bands of the moment (such as Neurosis, Isis and Breach), and gradually evolving to a more personal formula, able to merge the “mass” of doom-metal with progressive suggestions, meditative breaks and post-rock passages.
The live debut at the Anti-MTV Day 2004 festival is followed from the recording sessions of a demo-CD (S / T), which shows Luca Zampriolo’s graphics (the fifth member).
The promo has been distributed at concerts, reaching more than 800 copies sold in a few gigs.
The attention drawn from the release, as well as the impressive strength of their live allows Ornaments, between 2004 and 2006, to play along Italy and in central and east Europe, supporting bands like Converge, The Red Sparrowes, Daughters, Playing Enemy, or playing in well-known festivals like Fluff Fest.
From 2006 to 2010 the project suffered an unexpected stop which lasted until 2011, the year in which Ornaments agree to restart the speech lost.
The line-up changes with the arrival of Enrico Baraldi at bass. The promo of 2011 (s / t) recorded by the same Enrico in the recording studio where he work, which takes advantage of the Luca Zampriolo’s graphics again, takes up and develops the most distinctive sound of the band, adding to the renewed emphasis on the treatment of sound, the clear intent to reach more arrangement dryness: enveloping live impact and atmosphere.
Since the release of new promo from September of 2011 to summer 2012, Ornaments resume to tread the stage, promoting their new songs over twenty concerts (including the opening act to the only Italian gig performed by Pelican and the appearance at Solo Macello Fest, with Napalm Death, Unsane and other big bands).
In summer of 2012, Ornaments decide to start a new studio session to record their long-awaited debut full-length album.
“Pneumologic” is configured as a particularly hard-expected record which takes advantage of the experience born from more than 6 years of research in music and live performances.
Line up

Riccardo Bringhenti: drums
Alessandro Zanotti: guitar
Davide Gherardi: guitar and keys
Enrico Baraldi: bass

Ornaments hail from Italy, and the group's chief exports are atmospheric drone/doom soundscapes. These are some brooding, vast and introspective tunes on new album 'Pneumologic' that would sit well on any shelf occupied by Mogwai, God Speed You! Black Emperor or Neurosis. Even at its peak, this album could not be accused of being exceptionally heavy in the traditional sense, but it picks it's spots well when it wishes to make an impact. It's all about the feel, man.
Album opener 'Pulse' comes out with enough of a chunky feel to hook the noise-mongers of us out there, all rhythmic and sludgy in progression. Good old-fashioned ritual drumming segues into moody atmospherics with ease - like an army barely visible on the horizon. You know that conflict is unavoidable and approaching, but this isn't the soundtrack to that conflict. It's the soundtrack to the churn in your stomach when you realise you can't escape it. Ornaments are masters of the build.
'Aer' is possibly my favourite cut from this album. It's purely 10 minutes of that signature build, light guitars and military drums, but it is constant. There is literally not a single moment where it isn't climbing. It breaks out the claws towards the end to cap it all off with some tasty low end droning riffs, and a sumptuous fade out.
The heaviest track here by far is 'Pneuma'. For lack of a better description, this is where the real brass on this album lies. And I don't mean horns. It's pretty thunderous but retains enough air and grace to claim its place on this most artistic of drone efforts.
To really appreciate 'Pneumologic' you have to approach it with the correct mindset. It's comparable to watching a great film; you have to consume all of it, and every aspect contained within. That's the only way to fully appreciate it. It's designed to be an experience, and Ornaments execute their vision well. Sit back, close your eyes and feel it.
Words by  : Matt Fitton

As always show your support to the band. You can buy the CD here and vinyl here. Thanks to Marco Gargiulo for hooking us up with the record.  It is another great release.