Sunday 31 March 2013

Nero Di Marte - S/T Album Review

Nero Di Marte cover art

Nero Di Marte
Nero Di Marte 

Prosthetic Records
19 March 2013

The band:

Francesco D'Adamo - Guitar
Sean Worrell - Guitar, Vocals
Andrea Burgio - Bass
Marco Bolognini - Drums


01. Convergence (6:28)
02. Time Dissolves (6:33)
03. Resilient (7:26)
04. Nero Di Marte (12:18)
05. Drawn Back (5:56)
06. Anoptikon (9:24)

This Italian outfit from Bologna was formed back in 2007 as Murder Therapy. After a few releases under that name they signed a deal with Prosthetic Records and subsequently changed their name to Nero Di Marte which had already been picked as the name of the new album. Apparently that name originates from two different sources: one being the god Mars’s role in mythology while the other is the influence the planet Mars had in the processing of iron according to alchemical tradition. And after numerous spins on my player choosing this name makes sense. Because on the one hand the band comes on like a brutal war machine - Mars the God Of War; on the other hand the experimental side of them is almost like an alchemical process. The end result? Fucking fantastic, you hear!

What these Italians offer is something akin to Mastodon. Their music is heavy as hell yet experimental without going overboard, just like Mastodon. It might seem too chaotic and spazztic at first but already after the first listen Nero Di Marte has swept aside any doubts I might have had. Over 6 songs clocking in at 48+minutes the band drags me through the wringer, throws me in the wood chipper and then piece my remains together any which way they can. And this happens every single time I listen to the album, awesome!

I have no idea what Nero Di Marte sounded like when they were still called Murder Therapy, all I can say though is what they did then has paid off now. The four members have really gelled together and seem to know subconsciously what they all can do as a unit. And with any band that reaches that plateau magic happens because whatever they do turns out fantastically. It's totally worry-free, flowing excellent music on display whether is brutally heavy or slower more spacey. Regardless the variation Nero Di Marte is near perfect.

As always with me when I come across a new band that is really good I want to explore their past. That is always fun, well most of the time at least. Even if the previous releases aren't good you know where they came from and how they evolved. However with these guys I really don't have any concerns at all. I am just looking forward to hear their past.

If you hunger for new music that will challenge you and put you on your toes, look no further. Nero Di Marte has everything you are looking for, all you have to do as a listener is to buy the album, put it in your disc player, crank it up and let these Italians sweep you away. It will be a tumultuous albeit amazing trip that you will return for time and time again. Absolutely fantastic is what it is!

Written by Håkan Nyman

A great review by Håkan which echoes my own thoughts about this great album. My fave track has to be the brilliant 12:18 minute epic title track. It perfectly shows what this band is all about. Heavy as fuck excellent experimental progressive riffs.

Nero Di Marte is available to buy now on Prosthetic Records from all good stockists.

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