Tuesday 5 March 2013

SardoniS / Eternal Elysium - Ascending Circulation (Split Review)

Album Type : Split Release
Date Released : 3/12/2012
Label : Hammerheart Records

Ascending Circulation, tracklisting
1) SardoniS - The Ascending 9:47
2) SardoniS - To The Barn 4:21
3) Eternal Elysium - Unbound (Kai Hoh) 8:04
4) Eternal Elysium - Circulation (Jun Kan) 6:25
5) Eternal Elysium  - The Spiral Conclusion 7:40


This is a limited release of 500 copies, sold as an EP, to celebrate SardoniS’ Japanese tour in October 2012! Both bands add a bonus-song for this CD release compared to the vinyl 10”.


It's a well known thing that I love a good split effort. Be it banana or sludge, I am down with a decent split. And today we have another one of the sludge flavoured variety. So please pass the sprinkles.
A five round international showdown between SardoniS and Eternal Elysium, 'Ascending Circulation' is a nice little spin, truth be told. Interesting and varied, its more harmonic parts are just as welcome as it's straight up riffage.
The two SardoniS contributions here are 'The Ascending' and 'To the Barn'. Both are nice slices of an instrumental pie, sludgy and full of meat with a thin yet tasty psych crust. For just two dudes from Belgium these guys kick out an impressive racket. Deep but accessible, the drums pound and roll crisply in the mix. It's a nice 50/50 mix in a genre where sometimes the guitar can be fairly oppressive.
The three Eternal Elysium tracks here comprise the back end of the offering. There is more of a dirty rock n' roll vibe shaking its hips around where these gents are concerned. Japan is famous for its fair share of noise-mongering, and this is no exception. The 70s psych/stoner feel permeates their sound too, with solid rhythms compelling you to nod your head along gleefully. You're probably not human if you don't. My pick of the bunch is 'Circulation (Jun Kan)', with its giant droning riffs and good-time fuzz sound. Harmonizing lead guitars duel, and we all win. Good stuff.
Both bands put their best foot forward here, reportedly as a result of a joint tour in the land of the rising sun. It's a shame I wasn't at those shows because judging by this split it would have been party central. A great effort all round.
Words by : Matt Fitton

As ever show your support to the band. Thanks to Roy @ Hammerheart. Check the links for more info on the band. Record is available to buy now.