Saturday 23 February 2013

The Trollenberg Terror

Dahlia cover art

The Trollenberg Terror is a Death Metal/Grindcore/Sludge Metal Band from Germany.

The members are:

Bass / Vocals: Joan Dark
Drums / Vocals: Oggy
Gitarre / Vocals: Neutrum

Right folks here we have a band with a true schizophrenic nature. The Trollenberg Terror are a band forged in a Mental Asylum where the patients have truly taken over the asylum. And the patients are these sublime and fucked up Sludge Metal band forging Grindcore, Death Metal as a truly bitter pill to swallow.

And it fucking works BIG TIME. As The Trollenberg Terror are a brilliant band you should all check out now. Their blend of Sludge Metal or Sludgecore as they call it, is most definitely fucked up but damn it's got some great fucking riffs.

Their two releases available on BandCamp - Dahlia and Orchid - will show you what they can do. Playing fast paced grindcore beats mixed with Sludge Riffs and aided by Death Metal growls.

Orchid cover art

Even though the music is quite brutal at times they do have a great fucked up rock and roll edge to them. Their music is quite catchy at times but with a slight dangerous edge.

So if you want something with a bit more kick and an edge to your Sludge Metal then you can't go wrong with The Trollenberg Terror. A superb band with two excellent releases to check out. Both available on Pay Now download.

Check out great tracks - To The Tomb, Dead People Don't Die, Nice Day For A Headdive and From The Womb.

So do yourselves a favour and make an appointment with these slightly deranged Sludge Rockers.

Excellent Stuff.

Check The Band From The Links Below: