Saturday 2 February 2013

Kristoffer Lo - Anomie - Review

Kristoffer Lo

Kristoffer Lo is a Drone/Doom/Ambient Metal artist from Norway.

Kristoffer Lo is a name you might not be aware of but you might of already heard of him as we have featured him twice already on the blog. As Kris is part of brilliant Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal collective – Sunswitch – who we rate very highly here at Sludgelord. We did an interview with them here as well.

Sunswitch are a band with a difference. There is a drummer, bass guitarist and a tuba player. Kris is the tuba player. He was my fave thing on Sunswitch’s brilliant debut album. The sounds he makes with a tuba on that album is astonishing.

So I was very surprised when Kris emailed me recently to check out his solo debut album. Anomie - An Ambient/Drone/Doom Metal album all recorded with a Tuba.

I had to check it out to see what he has done only with a Tuba, Amp and effects. It might sound like a bit A-Team based DIY Punk vibe but what you get is an excellent ambient/drone/doom metal album full of wonder.

The album is on for 60 mins or so and requires more than one listen to get the full effect. As Kris has included lots of weird and wonderful noises from his trusty equipment. Some of the sounds I am still thinking how he has done that only with a tuba. As it features, noises I didn’t think were possible with that instrument.

If you’re a fan of Earth, Sunn 0))) then your going to dig this in a big way. As like those two great bands Kris takes his time in building up the noise, vibes and atmosphere before unleashing into another sound that comes suddenly out of nowhere.

The sounds might sound like they come from a computer game from the 80s/90s but these add to the overall effect of the album.

I wish I could say I had the song titles at hand and tell you my fave song but Kris debut album is one mammoth 60 minute single track. I listened to the album in multiple sittings with no break included. It took me to another world of sounds and noises you don’t hear much about these days. It’s a very complex sounding album mixing Doom, Drone and Ambient bases vibes to great effect.

Obviously if Kris decided to play this live, he would have to play it in an old abandoned church hall to ge the full effect. As this album has many moments, the digital platform is not the best platform to hear the wide spectrum of sounds that Kris has on show here.

But other than that, Kris has released a spellbinding album of real quality. And an album that showcases his talents to great effect to the world. Long may that continue.

All in all an excellent release from a truly great original artist that I am a major fan. Highly Recommended.

You can buy the album from here.