Tuesday 12 February 2013

BAD GUYS - S/T Album Review

BAD GUYS cover art

Bad Guys is a Sludge/Stoner/Noise/Punk Who Don’t Care What Genre They are band from UK

The members are: Stu - PJ - Dave - Tamas

Am going to let the bands bio tell you all you need to know as these guys are one of the weirdest collective units I have heard in a long while.

"A midlander, a southerner, a Canadian and a Hungarian. Three necks, two kicks and no mic stand. Long hair, grey hair, bald-heads and beards. A shitload of rock. The works. Sounds like a plan. As well as playing with the likes of Circle and Oxes, these guys have earned a reputation for crashing all sorts of parties. They’ve played three ATPs, played on the plinth in Leicester Square, played Field Day, pissed off a lot of security, got a bunch of fines, and helped a lot of people have a lot of fun. Formed through a mutual desire to play some rock music that’s not had the life squeezed out of it by some kind of po-faced academic mangler, they make the heavy stuff and they play it loud, the way it should be."

Well these world weary travellers have got together and created a band that transcends between Torche, Harvey Milk, Thin Lizzy, Melvins based rock/metal with sublime knowing self appreciating humour.

Bad Guys S/T album is a 9 song and 39-minute blast that you will love from the word go or hate with an almighty passion. There is no middle ground with this great band. You are either with them or you’re against them.

Me - well I worship at the same holy compound as these riff loving party sludge rock monsters worship at. All of the tracks have a great likeability factor about them. They might not be the most sophisticated band around but they sure are one of the most energetic and original bands I have heard in a debut album right now.

The way they blend Sludge, Noise, Stoner, Punk Rock genres really shouldn’t work but these snarling punks of the world make it work. Their debut album is a highly infectious blend of party atmospherics sludge based noise/stoner rock. This is an album you can dance and sing-along to with your mates and not be embarrassed as Bad Guys include many great sing-along choruses to shout your heart out to.

Songs like Fake Tan, Bore, Witness a New Low, Alcowhore might not sound like songs that match the Sludge/Stoner Rock template but they do pack a mean punch to them. The song titles give the album an unexpected and uncompromising edge to them. If you’re expecting comedy based tracks then you will pleasantly be surprised. Some of the songs will leave you with an almighty grin on your face but remember the main selling point of the album is the riffs.

You can hear their influences through out the entire album and it works to their favour. Hard-hitting Sludge/Noise Rock riffs matched with Torche style harmonies will make you come back time and time again. Bad Guys are one the hotly tipped bands to come from the Sludge/Stoner Rock scene and it’s easy to see why. These guys are having a blast through out their album. And you will too!!

Check out the brilliant riffs on Witness A New Low and the 8:33 minute amazing track – Hurl – to hear that Bad Guys are excellent musicians in their own right. They just have a great sense of humour and their main purpose is to entertain anybody who is listening to their music or in attendance at one of their gigs.

Bad Guys are a band who put their hearts and soul into it every time you listen to them or see them at a gig. Well they will be doing that a lot more as both fans and audiences are going to get bigger because of this great album.

I have been listening to this album non-stop few weeks. I have been telling people to check these guys out as they are the real deal. They are a true rock and roll band with no airs and graces around them. What you hear is what you get. Just good old-fashioned brilliant Sludge/Stoner Rock riffs, which destroys everything in its wake.

The album is wonderfully produced and you can tell these guys will sound exactly the same on stage as they do in the studio. They have that loveable anti-hero alter ego we all know and love.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Let me introduce you to Bad Guys. The soon-to-be must see band for all Sludge/Stoner Rock fans on the live arena. Expect big things from these hugely talented sludge/stoner rockers in the next 12 months or so.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Bad Guys now from Riot Season Records Official and BandCamp on both Digital and Vinyl Releases.

Check Out This Superb Band from the links below

Here is the amazing "HURL" from their excellent S/T debut album.