Tuesday 12 February 2013

Lost In The Riots - Stranger In The Alps Review

Stranger in the Alps cover art

Lost In The Riots is a Progressive/Post-Rock Band from Watford, England

The members are

Adam Edwards - Guitar
James Cook - Guitar
Robbie Parmenter - Bass
Andy Curd - Drums

Lost In The Riots is a Post-Rock band firmly rooted in all things Progressive and loud. They are not a Post-Metal band as such but they do hint at loud elements of that genre without ever fully crossing over.

Like their name suggests they offer loud and atmospheric visions to calm the human spirit to. Their excellent new album – A Stranger In The Alps feels like a survival lesson filled with lush moods and ambient soundscapes to portray the harsh territories located in the alps themselves.

Lost In The Riots waste no time at all in setting the mood for the whole feel of the album. It is all beautifully written and should appeal to all Post-Rock fans who like their music heavier and progressive compared to other Post-Rock bands. They have created some outstanding titles to feature the excellent music on show – Reset, Engage, Loki, Pearl River Delta, Sentinels and Heartfelt Wolf – showing they have put a lot of time and effort in every aspect of this outstanding album.

The album is mainly instrumental with words and singing kept down to a minimum, so you can just immerse yourself into the dream-like world, which this album offers.

Each song tells a different story driven by a compelling narrative that will last long in the memory. People might think Lost In The Riots has shades of And So I Watch You From Afar but look past that and you will notice Lost In The Riots are doing their own thing within the midst of outstanding UK based Post-Rock Bands.

Ambient based moods change on a frequent and this is one of the albums strong points. It does not rely on one overall universal theme, the band have wisely opted to change things around for different parts of the album. Heavy and loud at the beginning changing to a more calmer and serene pace in the middle before heading back to louder and angrier territory for the 6 minute plus final burst of Post-Rock brilliance – We Build Cathedrals.

A Stranger In The Alps is an album that demands you take your time with it. You might not enjoy the overall feel of the first album but that is OK as the album has that unique power making you come back for more visits. However, this time you will be more prepared as you begin to appreciate the flow and ingenuity of the album.

It does leave you with an unsettling mood at times but that is the sign of a great album. It takes you away from your comfort zone and transports you into unfamiliar territory such as a snowy mountain in the alps. Take note people – A Stranger In The Alps is a wake up call to the Post-Rock Community that a true talent has arrived and are here to stay.

Stranger In The Alps is a simply stunning album and highlights another great band coming from the UK.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Stranger In The Alps is available to buy from BandCamp now on both Digital and Physical Releases.