Saturday 23 February 2013

MOTHERSHIP - S/T Album - Review

Mothership cover art

Mothership is a Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Band From USA

The members are:

Kells Juett- Guitars/Vox
Kyle Juett- Bass/Vox
Judge Smith- Drums

Mothership is a band who is starting to receive a lot of exposure for their great blend of Hard Rock and Stoner Metal riffage within the Stoner Metal community. Well is it time for myself to be transported to a galaxy far, far away. Well not quite but what you do get is transported back in time when the riff was king.

Mothership harvests the energy, passion and aggression of great bands from the 70s/80s – a great and magical era for bands such as The Who, Led Zepp, Sabbath, Motorhead and Thin Lizzy. Imagine those bands given a modern day Stoner Metal makeover and no doubt, you will end up with Mothership. As their excellent debut S/T album is a hard rocking blast from start to finish.

I can see why one of my fave record labels – Ripple Music – signed these guys to their excellent roster of bands. As they, both have the same vision for epic riffs that transcend any hard-rocking genre. You know if a band is signed to Ripple Music your in a for a great time. No edgy dark based riffs. Just good old-fashioned head banging and rocking out to some wonderful and action packed tunes.

First track – Hallucination – is a 5-minute instrumental track setting the scene in what is to come over the next 45 mins or so. Great riffs aided along by some brilliant drumming. This is a great opening track for this excellent album. Some cool spacey sounds lurking in the background.

The 2nd track is where the album truly comes to life – Cosmic Rain. A track that gets straight down to business with excellent vocals telling a cool sci-fi based story. Though the riffs are the main selling point. If you are a fan of old school hard rock from the 70s then you will be right at home here. Throw in great modern Stoner Metal riffage with some of the most frantic guitar solos you will hear on a debut album.

The album only has eight tracks but every one them is a work of hard-rocking genius. Mothership worship at the church of the almighty riff. These cosmic spacelords know what needs to be done and rocking out they do so brilliantly well.

City Nights is a track that will go down a storm with Thin Lizzy fans like myself. As they have managed to harness, the energy of that legendary band but still maintaining their own identity to the song. It is a song that I rank as one of my fave tracks on the album due to the sheer amount of fun on offer here.

Other great tracks to check out are – Angel of Death, Win or Lose and Eagle Soars. All highlighting Mothership’s talent of playing excellent riffs with great drumming to match. The drumming is definitely one of the albums strong points and I would consider it as Mothership’s secret weapon of spreading the word of ROCK to the world.

The track where Mothership truly comes to life and into their own existence is the amazing 8:13 minute epic – Lunar Master – as it is an action packed tale from start to finish. Blending in what has came before it with more amazing Stoner Metal riffage to rock out to. It ends this album on an almighty high.

The album is expertly played and produced by everyone involved. It’s a huge sounding album that will win a lot of fans and admirers in the Stoner Metal community like its currently doing now. Mothership is a band you will be hearing a lot more of in the years to come. And on this evidence, I hope they are here to stay for a very long time to come.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Mothership Debut Album on Ripple Music. (Though the Vinyl Record has now sadly gone)

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