Friday 8 February 2013

Primate - Draw Back a Stump (Album Review)

Primate is a HC Punk / Grindcore quintet from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Their line-up consists of:

Kevin Sharp – vocals
Mike Brennan – guitars
Bill Kelliher – guitars
Dave Whitworth – bass/vocals
Shayne Huff – drums

1. Draw Back A Stump
2. Global Division
3. Hellbound
4. Silence of Violence
5. Drinking and Driving
6. March of the Curmudgeon
7. Wasted Youth
8. Pride
9. Get The Fuck Off My Lawn
10. Reform?


Comprising of members from The Despised, Brutal Truth, and the widely popular Mastodon, is the brutal hardcore punk/grindcore band Primate from Atlanta.  This is what a "supergroup" does when they get together, collectively say fuck it, and make good music they are actually passionate about.  Granted this isn't any genre-defining release that will change the way music is composed from now til the end of time, it still serves it's purpose.  It's a fast, fun, and brutal release made by five guys that actually give a fuck.  This isn't a cash grab or cheap attempt to make quick bucks.  These guys geniunely care about this band and it shows in the music.


This is an expanded re-release of 2011's 'Draw Back A Stump'.  The first pressing was only limited to 1,000 copies and shockingly sold a lot better than expected.  The group made enough noise through relentless touring and reputations built by years of doing this for a living, that they drew some interest from Relapse Records.  Relapse signed the band and re-released this album with some nice added bonuses. 

The instrumental work on this album is nothing special, but nowhere near horrible or mediocre.  Love it or hate it, Bill's guitar work is technical by all means but never comes off boring or tedious in the least.  This isn't some cheap "look what I can do".  He uses his instrument to help push and better the songs here.  The guitars flow perfectly in unison each doing their own part to push the songs to their limits.  Mike does a good job at doing what he needs without seeming like background filler from some dude that just so happened to be around, which he isn't by any means.  Everything about the guitars is very tight knit and the true standout to this exceptional release.

The other instrument that makes you pay attention is the amazing vocal work by Kevin Sharp.  From the opening barks of the title track 'Draw Back A Stump' he forces you to take notice and reminds you he's still a force to be reckoned with.  He isn't really stepping out of his comfort zone, but when you're Kevin Sharp your comfort zone is notches above most others.  The way he flawlessly changes his vocal patterns mid-song is the true stand out.  He does whatever he needs to do to make sure the song seamlessly flows and does an amazing job at it.  This is some of his best vocal work to date and a must have for any fan of his.

The drums and bass are decent but nothing near special when laying side by side with the vocals and guitar work.  It isn't a bad thing that they are just kinda there in the background. Next to what Sharp, Kelliher, and Brennan did, it would take some truly original and ground breaking music to stand apart.  They do what is needed to help carry the song but that's about it.  It comes off kind of flat and emotionless at times but it's honestly not their fault.  Overall, it's a small complaint for a truly great album in the catalogue of these guys.

You can check them out on Bandcamp and purchase this fine release for just a mere 10 bucks or directly from Relapse Records. Teabag Approved!!

Primate - Draw Back a Stump (2012)