Tuesday 12 February 2013

HARRY CLOUD - Ocean Song

Ocean Song cover art

Harry Cloud is an Avant-Garde/Experimental/Noise/Stoner Rock Musician from USA

Now I have featured Harry’s crazy blend of Experimental music before back in 2012 when he was known under by Single Mothers. He has had to change it, as an actual band exists with that name and not to cause confusion he has reverted to this name.

Now let me make one thing clear. Harry has come back bigger and ever to cause confusion amongst the listener with his superb and highly addictive new release – Ocean Song.

Ocean Song features Harry’s unique take on Stoner Rock. Loud bursts of Ambient Noises mixed with Sonic Blasts of Noise Rock that will truly astound you. If you are not into experimental music then it might be best for you to turn away now, as Harry’s work has never ever been that straight forward.

He will take you on a kaleidoscopic journey of sounds and atmosphere that will leave you astounded on what this hugely talented musician can do by himself. It might be less heavier than his previous release but this one leaves it in the dust for sheer creativity. It is a truly work of art at sometimes that will test your patience at times but it is sure worth it.

Check out tracks such as – Burning Fields, My Heart is a Vast Empty Highway and Sure I’ll Be Your Friend. This is Stoner Rock at it’s most experimental and creative in nature. Nothing is what it seems in Harry’s eyes and the album is the more better and crazier for it. I loved every crazy far out second of it. It shows Harry is a true individual forging his own path in the Stoner Rock world. A true talent that everyone should check out.

You can download Ocean Song on BandCamp Pay Now Deal. Superb, Original and Crazy.

Highly recommended.

Check out Harry Cloud from the links below: