Saturday 9 February 2013

WIHT - The Harrowing Of The North - Vinyl Mini Review

Image of Wiht - Harrowing of the North

WIHT were an Instrumental Doom/Stoner/Ambient/Psych/Sludge Metal Band from Leeds, UK.

The members were:

Joe Hall - Bass
Chris Wayper - Guitar
Rick Contini - Drums

Long time readers will know that I am a massive fan of this brilliant band. They sadly split up in 2012. I recently conducted an interview with this great band where they promised one day they would reform. Until then we all have to do with their brilliant last release - The Harrowing Of The North.

I originally reviewed this brilliant release back in Sept 2011 when it was originally released. Well it has been released on the format it was meant to be played on - VINYL.

The Harrowing Of The North is being released on one of my fave record labels - Devouter Records. This Vinyl Edition has an extra unrecorded song - The 9 minute epic - End Of The Reign - which takes this already superb album onto another level.

If your a fan already of this great band and album then you need to check out the way it's meant to be heard. On Vinyl and played fucking loud.

It has lost none of it's magic since being released almost 18 months ago. It will take you back to some pretty dark times as it's a colossal and epic concept album to check out. This is what WIHT recently told me what this album is about.

"The Harrowing of the North is based on a series of raids executed by William the Conqueror, shortly after he came to the throne. The raids, also known as 'The Harrying of the North' we're aimed simply at subjugating the North of England, this area which stretched from the south of the Humber to the north of the tees was still run by the odd Viking war lord. William didn’t like this so his idea was to burn, rape and pillage his way through the North, wiping it clean of any economic or cultural value, not a nice chap really! "

So if you want to buy this truly outstanding album on vinyl that I rank as one of the finest releases to come from a British Sludge/Post-Metal band then you better be quick. Only released on 300 limited editions. Make that 299 as I already have mine and I sure a lot of other people do as well.

If WIHT never do get back together (even though they did recently for a 25 minute impromptu set for their recent vinyl release party) then this album is a fitting monument to their brilliant talent and vision.

This is a must have release. Fucking Awesome and Highly Recommended.

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BandCamp - You can download the normal edition of The Harrowing Of The North on Pay Now Deal without the extra track.