Saturday 18 May 2013

SADA - All Hail The Beeflords - Album Review

All Hail The Beeflords cover art

SADA are a Stoner Metal Band from Aylesbury, England

The members are:

Mason Storm - Bass/Vocals
Mike Danton - Guitar
Forrest Taft - Guitar
TimeCop - Drums

Band Bio

SADA finally release their long awiated debut album All Hail The Beeflords. These boys were making waves about 7 years ago, sharing a stage with bands such as Orange Goblin and Obiat but they called it a day before they ever released a full length. Now Stargun Music have brought them back from the ashes and they're album, which is full of epic groove-laden riffs and an awesome cover of Devil Woman made famous by Cliff Richard! is set to be released on the 1st of June.

Album artwork is done by Alex von Wieding.

 Sada hail from Aylesbury. Presumably it's a sleepy place where there is nothing to do but write riffs and generally partake in the sacred herb. If that's not the case I apologise, I don't wanna be lynched if I ever voyage there. But other than that there is really no other explanation for Sada's existence. Cheers, Aylesbury.

Sada deal in a fine hybrid of stoner rock and good old fashioned rock and roll. It's the soundtrack to unplanned parties and general decadence. That soundtrack is called 'All Hail the Beeflords', and there are probably children that exist as a direct result of these good time jams.

'Self Inflicted Crown' sparks off proceedings with a healthy lick that is packed full of swagger. It shoots straight from the hips, and takes no prisoners. YOU WILL HAVE FUN. It's a mandate, and it is practically impossible to not observe it. More groove than you can shake a bong at, vocals that are full of attitude and a rhythm section that obviously set up shop right next to the bar. Really tight stuff.

'Dirty Rat' ups the ante considerably and shifts the gear from party to gang fight. And who doesn't like gang fights? Nobody, that's who. More aggressive by design and quicker in pace, like a sexy chain to the face. The guitars are classic and confident, and the vocals are again commanding. Winner.

'Natural Woman' takes a page from the Clutch bluesy playbook (a fine read), a nice and slow intro that concedes ground eventually to a riff shitstorm. A starter of cowbell, and a large dose of pounding skins for the main course. The classic rock sentiments are all there, but there's a modern dose of power infused within that hammers home just how much of a tasty live prospect these boys really must be. Like heroin flavoured pringles, I'd imagine. Pretty addictive.

This whole album is a fine showcase for a band with huge potential, and a promising future laid out ahead of them. The hope is that they can only build on this burst of momentum and become a force to be reckoned with for years to come within the scene. Lord knows they have the ability, and you should too. Check it out.

Written by Matt Fitton

A great review by Matt. This album is fucking superb. SADA cover of Cliff Richard's song - Devil Woman - is worth it for the download alone.

Thanks to Stargun Music for sending us a copy to review. Buy this when it comes out on June 1st.

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