Sunday 12 May 2013

Mammoth Salmon

Internet EP 2 cover art

Mammoth Salmon is a Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Band Portland, Oregon, USA

The members are:

Paul Dudziak- Guitar/Vocals/Bass
Mitch Meidinger- Drums

Well it looks like I am bit lit to the party with this great release. Mammoth Salmon emailed me back in April and I completely discarded email which I can only apologize for. As their new EP - Internet EP 2 - is fucking superb.

If your a serious fan of Sludge, Doom and Stoner Metal then you need to check these highly talented Stoners right now. For a duo they are loud as FUCK!!!!

Internet EP 2 is a hard rocking blast of insane riffs to rock the fuck out to. Plain and simple this EP is full of infectious riffs. First track - Nothing Follows - needs to be played loud. Vocalist Paul feels like a man possessed trying to get his message across. He is ably backed up by Mitch - a brilliant drummer who provides the fuel for Paul's insane vocals and action packed riffs.

This is just a brilliant EP you need to download now as it's available on BandCamp Buy Now download. Check out the awesome 7 minute monster - Magnetic Fields of Radiant Light. Trippy title - Yeah but what a fucking song. Worth it for the download alone.

So headover there now and witness the power of teh almighty Mammoth Salmon.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

Check The Band From The Links Below:

BandCamp - You can download their debut EP - Internet EP for free as well.