Tuesday 28 May 2013

STEAK - Corned Beef Colossus - Review

Corned Beef Colossus cover art

Steak is a 4 Piece Stoner Rock Band from London, England

The members are

Cam- 3 String Bass
Sammy -Drums

Steak are a Stoner Rock from the UK who have quite a following. They have supported a whole range of great bands including Truckfighters whose blend of riffs have influenced their excellent new EP - Corned Beef Colossus.

It was a year ago when I originally reviewed their excellent debut S/T EP - which won praise across the Stoner Rock Scene with their blend of highly infectious Stoner Rock riffs with an added superhero twist being added to proceedings.

So what has happened since then. Well they have gained a new drummer and a new hard hitting Stoner Rock sound. And the results are highly explosive. Plus those Swedish Maestros - Truckfighters - have produced their excellent new EP - Corned Beef Colossus.

What else have Steak going for them - Well the EP's cover was designed by visionary DC Comic Artist Eduardo Ferigato. It gives the EP a wonderful over the top edge. What else do you expect from an EP chronicling the continuing adventures of Steak aka The Defenders Of Cyclone City battling against The Evil Lazarus and his evil horde of wrong-doers.

The EP gets straight down to business in rocking the fuck out with - Black Milk - A 5:03 minute riff loving track that will make you go weak in the knees. High octane riffs blended with Kippa's vocals show that the band are back stronger and better than ever.

The vibe of Truckfighters is present through out. Heavy pounding bass and drums give Steak a more dynamic edge than ever before. Plus you have Mr Dango from Truckfighters playing a brilliant guitar riff on this superb track.

Up next is the best track on the album - The 6:34 minute epic - Liquid Gold - that should leave you no doubt that Steak are the next breakout stars within the UK Stoner Rock Scene. This has a cool laid-back Desert Rock vibe before unleashing a heavy blast of Stoner Metal riffs for you to rock out to.

Glanshammer and Whiskey Mule are both up next proving that Steak have that Midas touch in writing kick-ass Stoner Rock tracks that will have you entertained from start to finish. Superb lyrics flesh out the riffage that Steak pound the hell out of you with.

Acid Dave is the last track to end this excellent EP on an almighty high. It has a cool psychedelic riff blended with more Desert Rock greatness. Definitely one of the finest tracks Steak have written so far. This would go down a storm on the live stage as it would get any Stoner Rock crowd pumped up for action.

Steak's time with Truckfighters is nothing short of a revelation. It has moved this band onto another level. I feel in a couple of years time that Steak will be mentioned in the same breath as their Stoner Rock heroes. Now it's time for them to get working on their full length debut album. As like their comic-book counterparts the world of Stoner Rock needs Steak more than ever.....

Corned Beef Colossus is a brilliant ride from start to finish. Steak should be proud of this release as it's going to launch them in a big way.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the guys for sending me a CD copy to review. Much appreciated guys.

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