Wednesday 8 May 2013

Demon Lung - The Hundredth Name - Album Review

Demon Lung
The Hundredth Name

Candlelight Records
June 3rd 2013

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Band Bio and Album Info

Candlelight Records today confirms June 3rd  as the euro release date for The Hundredth Name, the full-length debut from Las Vegas-based epic doom band DEMON LUNG. The eight-song album was recorded with Adam Myatt and Billy Anderson (Neurosis, The Melvins, Sleep) and features artwork by English illustrator Tom Bates (Vision of Disorder, Amorphis).
The Hundredth Name is a conceptual album as previously confirmed by drummer Jeremy Brenton. Its story line follows, “The long-begotten son of Satan, who’s been sent to earth to assemble the three parts of the devil’s bible so that we can speak the name of God in reverse and undo creation.” Songstress Shanda Fredrick adds, “We have had the concept idea for the album for a few years. We have just been waiting until we signed to a proper label to finish writing it. Working with Billy was a dream come true for us. He has been like a fifth member of the band, a mentor, and just an all-around awesome friend. He helped us craft something that we are very proud of."

Formed in 2011, DEMON LUNG features guitarist Phil Burns and bassist Patrick Warren, with Fredrick and Brenton. The band has a singular EP, Pareidolia (Bandcamp 2012), currently available. The recording was favorably received by international media. “Earthy-yet-horror-themed doom metal a-la Candlemass,” said Metal Hammer. “Their hazy atmosphere and unorthodox way of playing guitar in a doom metal band is an interesting approach that doom fans should immediately check out,” noted Metal Archives. “Their music is clearly from the soul,” added Ave Noctum. In their still short history, the band has performed alongside Pentagram, High on Fire, Jucifer, Witch Mountain, and Castle, among others.


Demon Lung are a doom band from way out in the Nevada desert, Las Vegas to be exact. But don't let that image of bright lights, glitz and glamour deceive you like some hapless soul left for dead on the strip - this is some pure, heavy as hell and straight-up menacing noise in effect. This is their debut full length, 'The Hundredth Name'. This IS doom.

'Binding of the Witch' may well be one of the best album openers I have heard for a metal album, let alone just a doom one, for many a year. Walls of feedback engulf you, all before some evil riffs kick in. These things are fucking majestic, baby. So slow and gloom-ridden, they wash over you like a sea of misery in that wonderful way that all the best doom does.

This is some next level stuff though.

An obvious draw has to also be the vocals of lead singer Shanda. Her voice is like a spoonful of poisoned honey - sweet, yet deadly to the ear. I don't normally go in for female vocals, the exceptions are rare, but Shanda absolutely smashes that mould to pieces. Honestly, the woman is mesmerising. All the better that she is backed up by some truly epic riff-mongering.

'Devil's Wind' features more of those decadent guitars, presumably summoned from the ether by some unholy presence. I cannot get over how there is literally zero flaw in their attack. Even the drumming is incendiary, and the low-end anchored in the underworld. There is no force strong enough to uproot any of it. IT'S JUST TOO HEAVY.

'A Decade Twice Over a Day' adds lashings of ominous organ keys to the mix, like some Hammer horror film about a ritual. It floats around the room with the lights off, all luminescent in nature but no less brimming over with darkness. And then those riffs arrive again. Always with those riffs. Those constant hypnotic devices.

'Hex Mark' is another masterclass in doom guitar leads. The spirit of Candlemass handed down to the next generation of truly epic doom. They take the mantle and march proudly with it.

'Hallowed Ground' has to be heard to be believed. It just oozes confidence and attitude. Ideally it should be listened to in a crypt, because it sounds like it was recorded in one. Vast in form and nature, you'll be hard pressed to come across a finer, more melancholy piece - apart from practically anywhere else on this tremendous record.

You'll note that I have been unable to choose a favourite from this crop of gold, and that is testament to just how magnificent this whole thing is. This will surely go down as a legendary debut among the doom community, one that may well be a benchmark for many years to come. Sure to feature in many year-end lists, and deservedly so. 'The Hundredth Name' is a masterpiece from top to toe, and further down to the depths. Demon Lung are one of the new leaders of the genre. Don't miss out on this future classic.

Written by Matt Fitton

A brilliant album from these hugely talented demonic rockers. Buy this when it comes out on June 3rd 2013.

Thanks to Darren and Candlelight Records for providing ourselves with a copy of the album. Much appreciated.

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