Tuesday 28 May 2013

Corrections House - Hoax The System/Grin With A Purpose - Review

Corrections House is a Spoken Word/Musical Collective featuring some of the best musicians in the Sludge Metal Scene today.

The members are:

Mike IX Williams
Scott Kelly
Bruce Lamont
Sanford Parker

So, here we have Corrections House and their brand new offering: a single (of sorts) with two tracks, ‘Hoax the System’ and ‘Grin with a Purpose’. Both of these tracks are A-Side quality, dark and creepy, with doom-smothered guitars, industrial drum beats and insidious vocals. But who would expect any less? After all, Corrections House is something of a doom supergroup, comprising members of Neurosis, Yakuza, Minsk and Eyehategod. If this doesn’t pique your dark musical interest, I don’t know what will.

First up is ‘Hoax the System’, and it’s a sinister tone that begins proceedings, before a drum beat rams itself into the mix and contorts the entire song into an industrial soundscape of darkness and veiled horror. The vocals are filtered to sound like they are being spat through a microphone of broken glass, a perfect counterpoint to the vicious, vital music. Think Agonoize fused with Red Fang’s ‘Wires’, slowed to a suffocating pace. Scary, brutal stuff.

Now, ‘Grin with a Purpose’ is a much more tense, downbeat offering. Eyehategod’s and Neurosis’s trudging influences are none more apparent than here, and the vocals aren’t a part of the song, but more a warning placed over this siren of a song. The murky ambient nature of ‘Grin with a Purpose’ is a switchblade smile in a dark alley. Have your wits about you when this track growls it way towards you.

Corrections House is a lair of experimentation: where strange, inhuman creations spew forth. This 7” EP is hopefully just the beginning of something wonderful and terrifying. If darkness is what you seek, head to Corrections House. 

Written by Chris Markwell 

Thanks to Earsplit PR for sending ourselves a promo to review.

Hoax The System/Grin With A Purpose is now available to buy on War Crime Records

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