Sunday 19 May 2013

SURTR - Pulvis et Umbra - Review

Surtr - Pulvis et Umbra

Surtr is a Doom Metal Band from Metz, France

The members are:

Régis Beck : Drums
Julien Kuhn : Bass guitar
Jeff Maurer : Guitar & vocals

So here we have Surtr 2nd album - Pulvis et Umbra - which is released on Altsphere Production. Pulvis et Umbra is roughly translated as Dust and Shadow which is common theme for the album. Mainly highlighting the bleak darkness in life where it comes from today's society.

Of course only Doom Metal can highlight this bleak message through the power of music and Surtr do this surprisingly well. The album runs for around 42 mins or so and contains many haunting doom based monolithic riffs with bleak vocals to match.

 First track - Rise Again - starts with a slow burning riff with haunting vocals to match before the usual doom based riff kicks in.

There is nothing wholly original on the album as Surtr take influence from legendary bands of the genre - Sabbath, Candlemass, Saint Vitus and Count Raven. But what Surtr do have going for them is highly intelligent lyrics which pack an almighty emotional punch. Other great tracks to check out are Three Winters of War, Sonic Doom and the epic Fred Karno's Army.

Production is handled superbly and matches the eerie tones that Surtr have in their arsenal of mighty doom riffs.

All in all Surtr have released a highly enjoyable album that should please many die-hard Doom fans as it has a lot of great riffs to check out.

Highly Recommended.

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