Wednesday 8 May 2013


Ciclo II cover art 

Colvero is a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band from Buenos Aires

The members are:

Emi Garcia Narbaitz: Bajo
Mat Schverdfinger: Voz 
Justino Riobo: Batería
Martín Garde: Guitarra

Colvero are another superb Stoner Rock band to check out from our South American Stoner Rock Bros in arms. Their debut album - CICLO II - is one huge rocking beast of Stoner Rock riffage.

If your a fan of the bands from the legendary Stoner Rock/Desert Rock scene then your going to fucking love this like I did.

First track - Año 1 - is a 3 minute instrumental track showing what is going to come for the next 54 minutes or so. As these guys have packed in some brilliant epic tracks to impress you with.

Second Track - Perder - is a 9 minute monster that goes straight in for the kill. Hard-Rocking Stoner Rock riffs will have you headbanging in no time at all. It proves what a great band Colvero are and it will have you on the edge of your seat. Just embrace the power of the riff. There is no use resisting as these guys have the power to destroy everything in their wake.

If your a fan of Kyuss, Dozer and Fu Manchu then your need to download this now. Seriously it's a superb album for all serious Stoner Rock Fans. Vocals are sang in the bands native tongue but please don't let that put you of as you would be seriously missing out on some top-notch Stoner Rock riffage of the highest order.

5 of these tracks run past the 7:30 minute mark. Decir que No runs for an epic 11 mins.  It will instantly draw you into the hard rocking world that Colvero have built up for the listener to embrace themselves with.

Vocalist Mat sings with a grizzled passion to match the immense riffs on show.  Look this is an album you all need to check out now. If your a fan of South American Stoner Rock/Metal then you need to check out Colvero now.

It's up for free download on BandCamp. I loved every second of it. Colvero are the type of band that I love promoting on the blog. As they are passionate in what they do. Plus their album is something special in my humble opinion.

All in all an excellent release from another superb South American Stoner Metal Band.

Highly Recommended.

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