Sunday 19 May 2013


UR cover art

UR is an Atmospheric Doom/Post-Metal band from Dresden, Germany

Here is a brief bio to tell you what to expect from these epic noise-makers.

"UR – deriving their name from the Aurochs, an extinct kind of wild cattle known for its large proportions and unruly nature – create gloomy, sluggish and atmospheric shapes of sound residing in the acoustic spectrum of low frequencies and large amplitudes. The slow-swelling soundscapes, mostly abiding a musical eruption, draw their inspiration for the main part from the kingdom of forgotten, eradicated and haunted animals. Their nature is expressed using devices from the genres of Doom, Psychedelic and Post. UR is unifying members of Chakrun, P:hon and Seas of Stone, having
been active since 2010."

UR self titled debut release is a 3 song and 42 minute monster. And it's fucking brilliant. If you want epic Atmospheric Doom/Post-Metal riffs then this is your album.

First track - Aurochs - is a 13 minute epic that is a very unflinching blast of epic loud heavy riffs. Purely instrumental and one that works better for it. It has a deeply unflinching emotional vibe running through out the epic running time.

Imagine Pelican jamming with Wolves In The Throne Room and this is what you would expect. Though there isn't any black metal riffs in sight. UR add the same haunting ambient based emotional core to their music like Wolves In The Throne Room do. It gives UR a sense of despair that is deeply moving especially on superb 2nd track - Condor.

Condor does feature some excellent bleak based Doom/Death vocals near the end to bring this release further into life. UR have delivered a powerhouse debut release. It's epic and loud from the word go and really does add a haunting vibe to the listener.

If you want something creepy and nightmarish into your life then I recommend you download this now. As it's available on Bandcamp Buy Now Download. So if your a fan of Post-Metal but want something that little more darker then you can't pass this up.

Get Downloading Now!!!

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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