Saturday 4 May 2013

Ape Machine - Mangled By The Machine - Review

Image of Ape Machine - Mangled By The Machine (CD)

Ape Machine is a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band from USA

The members are

Caleb Heinze - Vocals
Ian Watts - Guitar
Brian True - Bass
Damon De La Paz - Drums

Ape Machine are a band who blend the best elements of Hard Rock and Stoner Rock into a groove laden head-banging affair. They take influence from bands such as Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, The Who and The Sword. So you know your in for a great time.

Ape Machine are about to release their eagerly awaited 3rd album – Mangled By The Machine. A hard rocking blast of intense riffage from start to finish.

Ape Machine have upped their game on the album. Better production and song writing make this a winner from the start. Ape Machine don’t waste a single note. They get right down to business with the excellent opening track – Gun You Down – that shows you the band have lost none of their old magic.

What follows next is a band playing perfectly crafted hard rock/stoner rock songs powered by sublime vocals and the almighty riff. If you’re a fan of the bands mentioned above then you seriously need to check Ape Machine out now. It will have you rocking in no time a tall.

Other great tracks to check out are – Everybody Leeds, Angry Man, Mangled By The Machine, Strange Are The People and my fave track – Grind Of Defeat. Some people might think it’s a bit safe at times but give the album a closer listen and you feel a band living through the intense lifestyle of a hard rocking band.

If you’re a fan of the 70’s Hard Rock era, where bands forged their reputation not by selling albums but through intense touring from legendary bands of the era then you will find a kindred spirit here. As Ape Machine channel the aggression and vibe of those great bands but with a modern Stoner Rock twist.

If an album that was made for riffs and headbanging then Mangled By The Machine is that album. And there is only one place Ape Machine can rightly call home now. And this album is the perfect marriage for one of my fave record labels – Ripple Music.

Ripple Music have signed another outstanding band to their roster. These guys are on a major roll signing great bands then releasing brilliant albums. You want proof: Mos Generator, Mothership, Cody Foster Army, Grifter and Devil To Pay. Albums that I have reviewed and raved on about over the last 12 months or so.

You can now add Ape Machine to that list. Mangled By The Machine is just a brilliant and hard-rocking blast from start to finish. Riffs are the main selling point and Ape Machine are modern day masters of the riff.

Excellent and Highly Recommended. Ignore this album at your peril!!!

Thanks to Ripple Music and Clawhammer PR for sending me a copy to review.  Mangled By The Machine is out on Ripple Music on May 15th 2013.

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