Tuesday 28 May 2013

Vinyl Corner : Abrahma/Wo Fat (Split 7" Review)

 Wo-Fat is a Stoner Metal Band from Dallas, Texas, USA

The members are:

Kent Stump - Vocals, Guitar
Tim Wilson - Bass
Michael Walter - Bateria Mastodontica 

Abrahma is a Pysch/Stoner/Hard Rock Band from Paris, France

The members are:

Seb Bismuth: Guitars & Vocals
Nicolas Heller: Guitars
Guillaume Colin: Bass Guitars
Benjamin Colin: Drums


I had some hate mail a while back asking which bands' dicks I was gonna suck next. Answer: I guess heavy rockers Abrahma and Wo Fat would be the ones shooting all over my face because I won't swallow. I refuse.


Abrahma impressed the hell out of me with their debut on Small Stone Records and I was excited to learn of a new 7" vinyl split with label-mates and underground veterans Wo Fat. The only problem: the record with exclusive tracks was going on sale while both bands were on tour overseas earlier this year. Didn't think I would be able to get this thing and I can't believe there were some left over afterward. When Wo Fat recently came back to the states I grabbed one as quick as I could.

Side A. "War". What is it good for? Absolutely nothin', except for a sensational Edwin Starr cover as Abrahma's offering on this split. With everything happening all over the world these days, I think it's a fitting tribute to the 60's classic and, while many others have covered this tune, none do it quite like Abrahma. None do it nearly as heavy either. If you know and love Abrahma - even if you just like the original - then you'll enjoy the hell out of their version, recorded last year in France. Awesome.

Side B. Don't feel sorry for Wo Fat, even though they're "Broke Down In Texas". Feel sorry for yourself because you don't have this track in your collection. Recorded and mixed earlier this year in Texas by frontman Kent Stump himself, this romping, bluesy instrumental number is over 5 minutes of heavy trademark Wo Fat riffs, solos, beats and grooves. Hell yes. Though I really love Abrahma's effort, this is definitely the highlight for me.

This split featuring two premier underground rock band is extremely limited to 250 transparent green vinyl records with amazing artwork and design by Alexander Von Wieding. All copies went to the bands as far as I know so don't bother checking with Small Stone. Wo Fat has some left and you can check their website if you live in the states or somewhere else in North America. I know from firsthand experience that you get prompt shipping with those guys. If you're in Europe and you missed the tour, then check with Abrahma. They still have some, too.

Comes with a download card, which was how I was able to upload a digital version of the Wo Fat track for ya to hear. Hope Mr. Stump doesn't mind.

Support the underground.