Saturday 25 May 2013

Ten Foot Wizard - Return To The Infinite - Review

Return to the Infinite cover art

Ten Foot Wizard is a Blues based Stoner Metal Band from Manchester, UK

Ten Foot Wizard is a Stoner Metal band I have been hearing only good things for a while now. Their blend of blues based rock might not be the most original of sounds but they are no doubt brilliant at what they do. Playing blues based Stoner Metal riffs that will leave you with a warm feeling inside. Their debut album – Return To The Infinite is brilliant from start to finish.

Taking cues from the likes of Clutch, Orange Goblin and Fu Manchu - Ten Foot Wizard are a band you cannot ignore. Return To The Infinite is a 10 song and 58 minute blast of Stoner Metal riffs of the highest order. It’s pretty good to see that Ten Foot Wizard add heavy doses of Southern Rock and even Boogie Style riffs to their style of Blues based Stoner Metal.

All of the songs have a huge likability about them. What makes them standout even more is the excellent sing-along choruses the band have written. These are songs you can sing along with your friends at a gig or at your local watering hole. These are perfect songs for head banging and singing to.

Opening track – Rise From Your Grave – shows you what to expect on their great album. High voltage rock riffs to shake your body and soul to. Vocals have a cool Neil Fallon vibe going on but still adding their own style to proceedings. Vulture Bitches, Real Love and Medicine all have a high volume of riffs to impress you with.

Some songs are played at a mid pace but the guys know when to speed things up so expect loud heavy rock carnage to come at one point. Mainly on the 8:29 minute epic – Six Feet Rising. This song makes you feel your listening to a band from the legendary NOLA scene. Not one from the UK. And that is a good thing as Ten Foot Wizard add many layers of riffage to their style of music.

Saturnalia is a fast paced 3:00 minute blues rock stomper that can get any crowd jumping in the mosh pit. It has a straight-in-your face punk vibe to it. This song even has a Metallica style riff in the middle that could even please the thrash metal crowd. Well if Ten Foot Wizard ever get the chance to support a Thrash Metal band that is.

My next track – FUCK – is probably one of my fave tracks off the album. As the lyrics are very simple to remember and kept to a minimum. Very easy to remember if you have had one drink too many. Like Saturnalia it has a playful punk energy vibe to it. They say actions speak louder than words and this track is probably evidence to prove that theory. As vocals and lyrics are kept to a minimum. As the songs mainly shows what highly talented musicians the band actually are. When the vocals actually arrive then it’s straight to the point. You know when you hear it.

The last 3 tracks is where the band finally unleash their potential to the world as it totals around 22 minutes of brilliant Stoner Metal riffs. The Storm, End OF The Line and Return To The Infinite prove without a doubt that Ten Foot Wizard can lay their claim to be one of the UK’s best upcoming Stoner Metal Bands.

These 3 tracks end this album on a high. Especially the title track – Return To The Infinite. A blistering 9 minute instrumental epic of finely tuned Blues/Stoner Metal riffs. Now it’s time for the for the band to really show what they can do. And FUCK!!! - They can be only be classed as riff-masters. Awesome.

By now you should already know what they are capable of. Playing brilliant Stoner Metal riffs like this.

Well I have gone on long enough. All in all – Return To The Infinite – is an amazing album from this motley crew of Stoner Metal outlaws. Long may it continue.

Excellent and Highly Recommended by ourselves at Sludgelord

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review.

You can buy Return To The Infinite from Ten Foot Wizard’s BandCamp Page on both Digital and Physical Versions.

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