Thursday 23 February 2012


The Pledge Of Cain is a Sludge Metal Band

The members are:

Merk0))) S. : BASSDUBBING / VOKILLS (2005-still)
Ren0))) D. : FUZZWAVES / VOKILLS (2005-still)
Arn0))) D. : NOISESCAPES (2010-still)
Jumb0))) C. : DRONEPROPAGANDA / VOKILLS (2011-still)
Ravindranath0))) S-J : DRUMBOMBING (2011-still) 

The Pledge Of Cain is a bleak down-tempo Sludge Metal Band who have been featured before on this blog. And I raved about their brilliant album which you can still download for free.

If you haven’t done so then why not. As you’re missing out on a superb release that shake you to the very core.

Well the guys are back with their superb live album. Live At Carabar, Columbus. A 4 song 40 minute blast of brilliant Sludge Metal riffage that captures this amazing band at their very best on the live stage.

The album is brilliantly recorded for a live release. You can hear every bleak note played to perfection and to a brilliant crowd as well who take to this band in no time.

This release proves why Pledge Of Cain are one of my fave Sludge Metal bands currently around at the moment.

Their music is simply superb on both the live arena and in the studio. This is one hugely talented band that demands your attention now.

This is one of the best live releases I have heard in a very long time. It features the usual Pledge Of Cain classics “Rorschach”, “Carriers” and the brilliant “Magmatic Blood”.

It’s great to see a live release with no over-dubs and where you can hear an enthusiastic audience giving a band a great reception for the set they just played.

TPOC play a storming set and this release makes you feel your right in the thick of the action. You can hear every note played brilliantly well to loud, angry and brutal effect.

Simply a brilliant release from a brilliant band. What is even more you can download this superb release for free. Either from their excellent BandCamp Page and by Mediafire from their superb blog.

The band have even put up their superb debut EP "Doom-Laden Mortarshells" for free download as well from BandCamp. See where it all began as this EP is a great introduction to this superb band.

If you like what you hear check out all their brilliant releases from the links on BandCamp and Blogspot.

 Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: